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Beyond the Affordable Care Act: A Physicians’ Proposal for Single-Payer Health Care Reform

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I found 2 for you this morning! A business opportunity for you perhaps? We launch, you lunch…. Hi Sheldon No fixed dates at this stage, would be for third launch early next year. Lisa recently posted A weekend of chilling with the future bosses- part deux. Wifey recently posted Fruity Blondes. Victor was probably wrong with the tone he set when you left, but your reaction was also pretty juvenile. I doubt you would even contest that statement. I actually think the chicken is pretty hilarious looking.

His reaction to seeing the big dumb thing on the doorstep would probably have been great. But I think you have to get rid of the chicken. Someone above implied that it will just serve as a reminder of negative feelings every time Victor looks at it. And, in the end, you both should get to the root problem. Komen, Breast Cancer research. Victor enjoys my sense of humor even when he wants to strangle me, and vice-versa. He actually thought this post was funny and spent most of the day on the phone with my host company trying to get it back online when the server went down.

This is actually my job, so technically Beyonce is probably tax deductable and counts as work supplies. But, as you are probably new here I will share that I actually do a great deal of charity work here on this blog, and on a twitter account dedicated solely to helping others thegoodbloggess.

My last silly expenditure which Victor also was initially not pleased with was a giant boar head. You can read about it on the Washington Post. It was a slow week, obviously.

Ridiculous chickens and silly laughter are worthwhile and are nothing I would ever apologize for. My goal in life is to make people laugh. Which is not usually funny.

Unless it includes giant metal chickens. Now, back to random silliness…. Katherina Zephyr Runs recently posted Love for the Diva. I am crying at my desk with laughter. And Too hot for words. And who knew giant metal chickens were so controversial. Holy shit you are freaking hilarious. Be my friend, please.

Laura recently posted Amsterdamned. Actually, my neighbor has two enormous plastic chicken heads in his yard! I think they are over 5 feet tall, too! Not sure why they are there or where they came from a restaurant? And we are not in Texas! Like a Giant Chicken. I aspire to be as awesomely able to communicate as you my dear interweb friend. Shelley recently posted Welcome. I saw this and thought you should know. Rachel recently posted Who wants to drive a Dodge Lady-parts truck.

I considered not commenting, because I would just be reiterating just how friggin hilarious this was. Perhaps now Victor will think twice about fighting with you about something so benign as bath towels! Cheryl recently posted Dandelion.

I think of these kinds of things often, and then chicken out. You make my dreams come true in this regard. It is every bit as fantastic as I imagine. Therese recently posted Sunday Picture. OMG — that was the funniest thing I have read in a loooong time!

Thanks for making my day! I am full of admiration of you. He is sooo doomed. Hopefully he comes around so he can appreciate your twistedness again. Imagine thinking that women should obey what men tell them to do. I would love to see the world through your eyes. And when the owner came in and I was laughing so hard tears were streaming down my face….

Thankfully, she read your blog post too and laughed with me. Thank you so much for helping me laugh out loud and indirectly managing to keep me employed. My mother always told me to pick my battles, but she was never very specific as to how to go about them, this is a perfect example.

This is the best example of Internet debate I have ever seen. Thank you both for taking a moment to put aside whatever knee jerk reaction you may have had and actually communicate what you think in a way that is not hateful, and for actually listening to what others say.

That was bloody hilarious! Seriously, the most awesome thing EVER! You need to start a service where you charge people to put the giant, metal cock on their door step to surprise their housemates. Katie recently posted Working Out Again. I may or may not have rescued a 4 foot tall black jaguar hand-painted piggy bank from the garbage room in my apartment building a few years ago. I also may or may not have placed it in the living room I shared with my often cranky roomate.

It never got old. And then one day she had company over and I relented and let her move him to the porch in the middle of a windstorm. This post is fantastic! My husband laughed so hard at it that he startled our cat. Although if my tiny yard ends up with a giant, metal, chicken, it will be because of you. Though I pity anybody who thinks a giant metal chicken could cause a divorce. So by that rule, your marrage may last forever.

I want send her a Bible, John 8: I just read it again, and guffawed again! Haha, it takes me back to a time my sister and I would shop at our favorite pottery place. A sense of humor is wonderful. Using it as a tool to mock your partner? It was also wonderful to read your response to the polite detractor I may have asked this before, but does Victor have a single brother? One who likes crazy blonds? Doreen recently posted Happy Fathers Day.

So who does that leave to post hateful comments? The open minded love it, the closed minded love it. Is that who is being so hateful? My wife came back from a trip with a pound concrete life-size deer that took 6 men and a hernia to move to our back yard. Every once in a while one of the dogs notices it nestled amongst the yews and growls at it. I would have loved the metal chicken, especially after he rang the doorbell.

We NEED new towels! Even hot pink ones. This is the first time I have read your blog and I am bookmarking it.. Sheridan recently posted It has been quite an enjoyable trip. Kristin recently posted Fathers day post- remembering my dad. You my dear are the most awesome thing on the internet. A friend shared this with me and I have never laughed so hard!! I love the chicken! You know, I probably should have been more tollerant with my Ex.

Could have been a lot worse. I have laughed so much at this tonight, thank you! I wish I had read this at the beginning of the day so my entire day would have been awesome.

Elisa recently posted Fahzers. Thank you so much for the laugh! I feel so left out. No one is ever offended over my giant cock enough to complain on my blog about it. And I so wanted complete strangers with absolutely no grasp of context to pick meaningless fights with me about blocking comments when all of their comments are blocked.

I found this to be petty, immature, and inane. Obviously there is a sense of entitlement going on if you value your stuff more than you value your relationship with the people around you. It was not funny. It was wastefully and pointless. I used to be married to someone like Victor and thought things like the chicken were hilarious.

I have been having a crappy, fight with medical facilities kind of day and you made me laugh for the first time. But you know what? And have a 3 foot penis pinata ring our doorbell. And … Bless your heart. Gently pats your head, then patronizingly rubs your cheek.

We have a truck, my tetanus shot is current, and I have a decent pair of running shoes that will be put to great use running from the doorbell chime. If the giant metal chickens run short, we can hire someone to catch live, wild chickens and deliver them in boxes of say — 40? And by the way, my husband laughed and agreed that this is something I would easily do.

Janeen recently posted Dignity Authority Dollars. Thank you for this story. My understanding was that a hen was a female chicken, but YouDee is clearly male-identified, and is referred to using male pronouns. People who have money to burn, resources, and time are the ones who will enjoy this and maybe find the humor somewhere.

I am sure that in 10 years we will find this funny, but now, it just seems wasteful. You see, a few weeks ago I really really wanted to purchase a 3 foot tall pink penis pinata…. I said, how do you know that unless we get one? It might become indispensable. I need a big ass metal rooster to put in my front yard and dress in a Superman cape so I can keep up with my hillbilly Joneses neighbors. Can you picture a big old metal rooster getting his Jesus Cape on in my front yard?

Also, does anybody else find themselves trying really hard to click Like for Third — comedy is her job, therefore giant chickens are a business expense Seriously? I need a jOb like that. And Jenny also uses her powers for good and organized one o the most amaIng charity events I have ever witnessed or participated in. Rock on, Jenny, rock on. Ahhhh…lighten up baby, I am in love with you! That was too damn funny as well! Love, love, love it!

My Anniversary is in august how the fuck am i supposed to top that? Sounds like we are married to the same man!!!!

Lindsey recently posted Something Old- Something New. This blog post made me laugh harder than I have in a really long time. Diana recently posted Stop Growing up All Ready! The only thing that could possibly rival this ….. And then, once and for all, we could answer the question of which came first.

Obviously it was the chicken. Thank you for this. Who knew a picture of a giant metal chicken named Beyonce standing menacingly at your front door was exactly what I needed to see? The ZB recently posted Nice little surprises. Laura recently posted Baked Mac n Cheese. I simply MUST know where you procured this enormous fowl!!! Having a crap day at work and you suceeded in making me snort into my coffee — Thank you.

If Victor will pitch in the cash you can ship it to OZ and Beyonce can live with me in the Crab Shack by the beach, it would be like his retirement. I promise to send Victor picture of Beyonces new life. I cannot thank you enough for this post and the joy that it has brought to my day.

As a result of the ensuing IM conversation she is compelled to buy a tiny chicken and put it somewhere prominent in her house. Thanks for letting us share this. TEARS from laughing so hard. That is so great.

Kate recently posted I knew in a moment. I just shared this on facebook I was laughing so hard. It totally sounds like something I would do! Allison recently posted Day of the Fathers. This is so funny and reminds me of my husband. Nobody recently posted Meh. This is the most hilarious piece I have ever read…. His head might actually explode if you do, thought. When you rang the door and ran, leaving the chicken, AND had a photo, I snorted coffee out of my nose. Happy metal chicken anniversary!!!

I tell my boyfriend almost every day that reading your blog is looking into the future of our relationship. What kind of childish retard ARE you? That is one of the funniest things I have read in a long time. My husband would be ecstatic. When I got to the picture of Beyoncé at your front door, I completely lost it. Suniverse recently posted Not as erudite as I thought. My husband the whole time looking at me like I have finally gone round the bend so to speak. I will definitely be on the look out for a 5 ft animal of some variety though.

He should totally count his blessings. You COULD have come home with several gallons of Pepto-Bismol pink paint to redecorate the bathroom, since you now need it to coordinate with pink beach towels. Rachael recently posted What Happened to His Pants! This was truly hilarious, as per usual.

I love how you owned the humorless visitors. That type of grammar kills me. Thanks for sharing with us all. By the time I was finished reading this, I had tears streaming down my face as I laughed hysterically. This, in turn, caused my husband, my son and my dog to come rushing into the office to find out if I was okay.

Thank you so much for sharing this hilarious and yet, poignant story about how we, as women, can get around just about any directive our husbands give to us. Oh my God, I think you killed me. I laughed so hard that I fell of the couch and hit my head. My brain is probably swelling right now and I will be dead in a couple of hours, but it was totally worth it.

And who linked this post to the self-help forum of people with sticks up their asses? Or is it the same humor-challenged person posting all over again? Dude, whoever you are, go somewhere else. Including the two of us. Props to you Jenny! That has to be the funniest thing I have seen in a long time. First time visitor to your blog, brought by a link on Facebook.

Thanks so much for making my day! I sent this to my husband with a note about how lucky he is — he laughed like hell. My husband is still using towels we got for our wedding in I have moved on to new ones, but not he. Guys must have a thing about towels. On the main drag in Kerrville, I saw a place that sells the 3-D giant Texas stars that can pose in your front yard.

You need one to match the chicken. What, are you in a subdivision with rules against putting chickens in the front yard? You could decorate it for every holiday. I used to have a neighbor with a cement goose on her doorstep that had a new costume for every occasion.

More creative family fun embodied in a metal chicken. Amy recently posted Down to the Wire. I know, I am one of them. We are all here to follow you and your random silliness by choice. If there is a negative opinion regarding your antics, then those who are so free with thier meanness should follow there own therapeutic advice and wash thier own windows before they peer into yours.

I love what you post. And I love how you unselfishly share the humor, connections and relationships of your personal life with us. You are brilliant, and fun and an individual and I shudder to think that the uninvited mean spiritedness would bring you anything but a tongue in cheek reason to keep us all laughing all the more.

I am laughing so hard I have tears running down my face and my husband is looking at me like I am crazy. I could so see me doing this. Hell I probably have. All because of Beyonce.

Keep brightening the world one blog entry at a time! Please, please go to some anger management classes. Nathan, blank, all the obviously oblivious hate trolls are the same person. Semantic and syntactic analysis are concise methods for determining authorship. This is the funniest thing I have ever read.

And here I thought there would never be a way I would actually love Beyonce! I laughed my large ass off. No one is home right now, but I literally sat on my couch reading this with tears in my eyes! Thank you for making my day, month and year!!! Did you know that your 16th anniversary is, in fact, towels with giant chickens printed on them?

It is incredibly convenient, really. And you need to come visit San Antonio. My friends and I would welcome you with open wings. OMG…pure genius once again. I have to say, I was reading this while sitting on the couch and the hubz is trying to watch The Voice. I cracked up laughing…almost to tears…and got a look like I have 3 horns sticking out of my head. Of course he loves the new view from his only window. We need a pic of said view!

Ok, totally cannot stop laughing now!!! I would just like to congratulate you on the 16th anniversary of my efforts on trying to comment today. Tony Hunt recently posted Just a little funny. Laughed so hard — and that was before I saw the photos of Beyonce, the 5 ft chicken — hilarious! Victor is a very lucky man! I am totally forwarding this to my husband as a warning. Lori B recently posted Its a House Party!

Anyway, I randomly came across this http: I have read it 10 times today! You just made my day. Thanks Victor for being Victor. Thanks Laura for taking you shopping and knowing you well enough to know you needed a 5 ft chicken. And, thank YOU for blogging the best laugh of my day! First from the post… and now because of the sad deluded men who really seem to think they know everything about someone based off a blog post.

Yikes guys, I think you need to realize that women are entitled to free thought. And yes, spending money on a giant metal chicken now and then. WhitneyD recently posted Down with Pirate Princesses!

The woman selling them was an amateur glass-blower, and these were the practice pieces or excess or some other unwanted by-product of her hobby. Twenty four months later, the study is still a mess, and we have 30lbs of glass rods still sitting on the floor. Well, beats a metal chicken. I think Victor should simmer down and invite the chicken in for a vegan dinner. Maybe beyonce could hold the camera on its beak for intimate nights. The crazy thing is my husband has wanted a giant metal chicken for our yard.

I have been the anti-Beyonce here. Dreich recently posted I would walk miles. I should like to see a Beyonce-cam so that we can watch your chicken in situ. Also, I shall be on a hunt this weekend for either some rusted-ass oil drums or a ready-made chicken. I have some spray paint at home. KelleBelle recently posted Harm Reduction. A friend sent me the link to your blog this evening.

This is the gift that can keep on giving!!! She tolerates my insanity, I hers and somehow this crazy thing between us has been working for 15 years now as well. We are just nutty enough for each other and it sounds like you and Victor are the same. Keep on keeping on! As an amusing aside, I ended up here via link when I shared a gift my lovely crazy lady sent to me at my work with a friend.

That was such a great laugh. I am new to your blog and have been working my way backwards as well as forwards because I enjoy your sense of humor so much. I think this is my second favourite post — the first one being where you had Victor take photos of you with hamburgers before you went to Japan. You are a terrific writer with a wonderful sense of comic timing. She sounds like an immature spendthrift who is used to getting her own way and her husband is in a tight spot with her.

He laughed his head off. It was SO hard not to buy them up so I could have a flock of bouncing chickens in my patio garden.

My husband shook his head when I told him how lucky you were to find Beyonce! I am totally jealous! This was exactly what I needed to read this morning! Could you have had a family of chickens, all different sizes? Will Beyonce be multiplying sometime around the holidays?

Visty recently posted Reminds me of the rather obscure mids cartoon DuckMan. Would it be possible to aggregate all of these responses by pro- and con- and gender? As far as I can tell, it seems to fall out as roughly: This is the funniest story ever.

I was literally sitting here LOLing til I cried. Sunday recently posted Summer break. Thank you for the laugh, it is a great story told really well.

Not only did Victor get the gift of Beyonce for your anniversary, he got the reminder that being married to you in unlike being married to anyone else. A giant, shart-edged, metal, clearance-priced reminder. I must have a metal chicken in my life!! Is it the year of the rooster??? I will have to check… This?

Kelly recently posted Summer Time is Picnic Time! Brutalism recently posted Backhanded Compliments. I just read this to my husband and we both almost wet ourselves laughing. This is going viral on Facebook Down Under. Just so you know. Thank you so much for making me spew diet Mountain Dew all over my computer screen.

Ok, so it could be the bottle of wine I have drunk but Im sitting here pmsl! I dont get why Victor is so peeved about Beyonce! Can I hire you? I just had the exact same argument with my husband about dishes and our anniversary is in September. AND there is only one window in my husbands home office. I absoultely LOVE this!!! I am crying and trying to laugh as silently as I can in my cubicle….

This is possibly the best thing EVER. I am so very very jealous that I do not have this chicken. This is whizzing around FB faster than a headless one, Jenny. I want your life well, just the good bits. You should have draped the pink towels around the chicken as if he were either returning from the beach, or looking for someone to join him.

Yesterday, June 21, was our 8th anniversary. I think I love you. That is the funniest story I have heard in a long time. I am sitting in the kitchen laughing out loud while my teenage son sleeps down the hall.

I hope I woke him to the thought that his mom might be a little crazy. I want a big metal chicken, now. Have a great day, because this made mine! I absolutely am new here.

I tried to make very few presumptions about either Jenny or Victor because I got here via a random Twitter link that got retweeted around to my feed. I appreciate the response.

The charity thing was probably uncalled for, and I am overjoyed to hear how active you are in your own charity work. Long live Beyonce, the sharp, rusty chicken. This is hysterically funny! I am totally showing this to my husband as a lesson. Thank you so much for the great laugh. I hope Victor knows that you won!! The next gift — towels with chickens embroidered on! It would almost be funnier if he was the one to give them to you ;D. I wonder if there is a way to put a speaker inside the chicken and play songs like the Chicken Dance, the Bird is the Word and the theme that Family Guys plays when the huge chicken fights some character!!!

THAT was the most wonderful thing I have read in a long time. Laughed till it hurt! This chicken is the paragon of useless crap, and thus might make my husband cry.

He even wore triple pleated trousers. I think the suits of Skyfall were purely a fashion choice. Bond has just returned from enjoying death. He may have put on some weight due to his drinking and assumed lack of exercise. We can also assume that since his flat was sold, most of his belongings went with it. So, from a character perspective, the Skyfall look is what happens when Bond has to shop off the rack.

But your theory that he may have put in weight slightly could hold water. He was hitting the bottle for a few months and taking to many pain killers. I keep myself in fairly good shape with some weight work and some running, but even I put on a couple of Kgs when I indulge on holiday.

From time to time, I see not-young men, say men in their late 30s and 40s wearing this stuff and they are a disgrace. Craig is older than that, and he is helped by his excellent, physical condition. But he is helped more by the magic of the movies. I respectfully suggest, Matt, that this particular topic has well run its course by now. Maturity comes from accepting that not everyone agrees with your opinion.

This is why I made my initial comments, Matt. Matt Your article is perceptive. This requires a subtle understanding of the British class system. The dereliction of his family home — by no means an old house for rural Scotland — suggests 19th century trade gone to seed and this is reflected in his ill fitting clothes. A true aristo may wear faded or even grubby clothes — but they would fit.

I would suggest his anger is in part also because he knows he is not going any further up the M16 greasy pole and will be no more than a middle ranking desk jockey when his athleticism soon deserts him.

No Bond film contains any notion of Bond being promoted. He seems to remain a commander of the British Navy for the rest of his life doing the same job forever. But I think that all reasoning of that kind is complete rubbish — the shrunken suits are in no way connected with Bond as a character.

The literary Bond seems fine with his … literal … dead end job. He is also paid fairly well. And he loves being a Commander.

He has custom stripes on his cigarettes to match his rank. Great posting as always. This one generated considerable debate. Regardless of fit, I just hope they continue to keep Bond in tailored clothing. Long live the business suit! I want a couple hours of pure escapism, which is what the series used to offer. Not surprisingly, my favorite Bond by far is Roger Moore.

His Bond was not at all conflicted. Rather, he was a sophisticated man of the world comfortable in his own skin, as reflected by his magnificent tailoring. You hit the nail on the head! The Moore movies provided the purest escapism movies could provide — I remember watching them with my daughter and having the time of our lives. Oh dear fellows — with so much need for escapism, how hard and unpleasent your lives must be! To me, the Bond situations are so ridiculous, so outrageous.

Every bartender in the world offers him martinis that are shaken, not stirred. What kind of serious spy is recognized everywhere he goes?

So you have to treat the humor outrageously as well. My personality is entirely different than previous Bonds. Which is why I play it mostly for laughs. For instance, the traditionally dressed M is perfectly fitted; and Q, who wears trendy clothes, is also well-fitted.

In scenes with the coolly calm villains—Bardem and Waltz, who are both well-fitted, Craig looks edgy and ready to come out of his skin. To be honest, Craig looks more menacing with the better fitted suits in QoS. Close, not tight, fits are more suitable for the character. Wearing a suit about two sizes smaller only makes it look like the character is going to explode, in the mean that he would be swiftly defeated by his enemies. However, honestly, it gives the feeling of suffocation, which induce too much unnecessary tensions.

I can understand some of the tightness in Skyfall, where Bond is getting back on his game after a long layoff e. I love the wardrobe from QoS, and thought that it was brilliantly done. It was a perfect balance of classic, classy, and practicality. I agree with you about QoS.

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