Who Is Shawn Killinger Married To?

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Yes 9 No 0. You are making me smile everytime I tune in to watch. Montana Skye Jun 23, at 4: Shawn you are awesome!!!! Where is Shawn the qvc host?

Did Shawn Killinger Get a Divorce?

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Blessings to the bio mom for making such a difficult but rewarding decision. She will never regret giving life! Congratulations Shawn on your beautiful baby girl she is your heaven sent bundle of joy so happy for u and joe but really miss u on the qvc but enjoy every minute of that baby girl. To you and your husband. And to all your family! A beautiful baby girl I am so happy for you.

All the best for your Family. Congrats Shawn n Joe!!!! Sure miss seeing you on the Q.. Enjoy your time off for they grow SO quickly….. I miss you, and hope all is well!! I now you are much happier now!! I turn her off immediately. And what kind of name is Jagger Jude?? How blessed this little girl will be to have a Mom and Dad like you and Joe.

Motherhood is the best. Congratulations , Shawn and Joe on your little girl. You are special people and this bundle of joy is so lucky to have loving parents like you. Bless you and let us who love you know how you are doing with you new little daughter.

Why do people do this? This child is going to be called Mick her whole life. I cannot believe some of these mean, angry, ridiculous comments. Shawn has gone through something awful. Keep your rotten comments to yourself.

Jagger Jude is adorable and lucky to have two wonderful, loving parents. For a decade, she was a newscaster in local and network news, and then as the morning anchor and entertainment host for an affiliate in Orlando, Florida. She joined QVC as a program host in , and has been entertaining millions of viewers ever since, boosting sales of the company by millions of dollars. In January , QVC host Shawn Killinger and designer Isaac Mizrahi became the laughing stock of the internet community after they argued on whether the Moon is a planet or a star during a segment promoting a cardigan line.

After arguing for a few minutes, they got off-camera information that the Moon is a natural satellite, to which Killinger wondered if that is what Google says about the Moon, while Mizrahi went on to express his disagreement stating that it must be a planet as "things live on it". The petition got 24k views and almost two hundred comments, even though not everyone agreed with the original poster. As a child, she danced and acted in the community theatre.

She became fluent in Spanish during her four-year stay there, and enrolled into the International American School Foundation. She is married to consultant Joe Carettta, whom she met via a dating site. However, after she failed to communicate the reason behind her absence from her shows for a long time in , rumors started to spread. She eventually came out with a heartfelt Facebook post detailing her unfortunate miscarriage while five months pregnant with a daughter.

Killinger, whose Facebook page says that domestic matters are not her strong suit, apparently had a challenging time as a new mother as she took a long time to share her excitement with her fans, adding that she has not showered in 3 days and smelt like baby detergent.

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Why Did Shawn Killinger's Engagement End?