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We used to run out of house the day she would heat oil to makes this pickle. Amazon Music Stream millions of songs. Looking for a recipe? Beat in eggs, 1 at a time, until well combined. The dipped cookies can be stored in a single layer in a cool place for up to a week. Team Colors Cocktail Pouches Knead dough, using dough hook attachment on mixer, until smooth, 4 to 5 minutes.

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Traditional Italian biscotti tend to be extremely hard and most often dipped in vin santo. Biscotti typically available in the US tend to be less hard, but are still good for dipping, although, here we are much more apt to dip them in our espresso or coffee, than sweet wine.

During the past several years, biscotti have become wildly popular, particularly in coffee shops. But the truth is they don't compare to homemade biscotti, which are so much tastier and more interesting than the kind from the store. It seems like the flavor variations are endless and their texture can vary from slightly chewy to hard and crunchy, depending on the biscotti recipe.

Recipes for the best biscotti, start with stiff sticky dough that is shaped into long logs or slabs and then baked on a cookie sheet. Once cooled, the logs are sliced on a diagonal and baked again. The longer they are baked, the harder they will become. The nice thing about biscotti is that they can be made and baked in stages. You can make the dough and store it in the refrigerator for a day or two. Then you can form the dough into logs and bake them one day and then store the biscotti slabs at room temperature for up to a day before slicing them and baking them a second time.

This flexibility makes biscotti a perfect cookie for the busy home baker. Biscotti make a great gift since they are sturdy and keep well.

I like to give biscotti wrapped in cellophane bags tied with ribbon as Christmas gifts, along with bottles of vin santo or bags of coffee beans.

With so many delicious easy biscotti recipes to choose from, the flavor options seem endless. I received product to facilitate this post. I was so excited to see the new limited edition flavors, I will be sad to see them go. Both are perfect for fall and winter. They bake in small batches with real ingredients and they taste divine! It was a perfect way to start a Monday morning. It is flavorful and reminds me of Thanksgiving.

It was so hard to hold myself to eat only one! The gingerbread biscotti takes the cake for me. I have a huge weakness for gingerbread. I love rich molasses and spices. With the added gourmet white icing it takes me back to my childhood making gingerbread houses. For complete contest rules, please see our Contest Statement and Blog Disclosure.