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A Comparison of 32 Weight Loss Programs
Mar 19, Messages: It can help you lose pounds each week. After the 1st 4 weeks you don't have to follow their menus and food. You might wanna jump over to them and browse through some of them. Other tools available on the website include a fitness diary, a calorie calculator, a weight loss buddy system, well over printable exercises, and a chance to "Ask Jillian" your fitness questions. If money is an issue, Medifast and Nutrisystem are more suitable options compared to the others mentioned above. My old manager was on jenny craig, and she loved it and said the food was great.

Comparison of Meal Delivery Diet Programs

Ediets vs nutrisystem???

They say it was out of stock or whatnot, i think they use it as a means to get rid of the gross stuff. They kept saying send it back, and they will fix it, so I would pack it all up send it all back and then get another box of stuff I didnt want. It was an awful pain in the you now what, and got stuck eating yucky stuff. You never get exactly what you request.

ANd they never actually fix the order. Jenny Craig is incredibly expensive, but the food is much better. And no hassle with returning stuff. Both work if you stick to them. It was harder to stick to the one with gross food. Oct 14, Messages: I am on Jenny Craig. I find it no different than Weight Watchers as they teach you how to live a lifestyle. After the 1st 4 weeks you don't have to follow their menus and food. Using their food helps you learn portion control because you can see how much a serving is You can do meals on your own I tried WW, but I am not good about planning my food out and measuring it and stuff This is the second time I am on it I was on it for 9 months last year and just started up again However, if you are not going to put in the time and learn what they teach you, then I agree it would not be a good choice because if you don't continue with the healthy choices and guidelines, you are going to put the weight back on As far as cost It can be costly, I choose to pay because of the convenience.

If you are good about measuring food and counting points, WW would do the same thing and be cheaper. JC food is very good. There are a few things I don't like, but that is because I am a very picky eater! Just my two cents! Aug 27, Messages: My friend lost about 20lbs on Jenny Craig. Honestly, I think counting calories and pumping up the excercising does just as good though! Rora , Apr 26, I do Weight Watchers but I don't count points.

I do the core or filling foods program which is what they call in now. I lost 60lbs all my baby weight and then some and have kept it off. It is really easy to follow, no measuring and no counting other than snacks and stuff that isn't core. Hi Thanks for the information I find sparkspeople. I have a hard time navigating the website. Yes, eating good healthy food is the answer and that is why Weight Watchers is successful, however I need a stricter way of thinking right now so for my own reasons I am looking at JC, Nutrisystem or Ediets.

Feb 13, Messages: One of my co-workers tried Nutrisystem and while she lost some weight, she hated it. She was over lbs so she lost weight by watching what she ate, but she would always bring supplemental foods like chips and other junk food because she was starving all the time! I think she lost 3 dress sizes and gave up because she felt so deprived. Oct 10, Messages: My old manager was on jenny craig, and she loved it and said the food was great.

She lost a TON of weight, but she was also doing a ton of exercising and lost it too fast who heard of such a thing? I also recommend weight watchers. I've done it twice, and both times lost weight, but then each time, life got busy and I lost interest in doing the points counting and such. I also think a little public recognition they would reward you in front of the group for different weight-loss milestones and being with people going through the same thing you are, does help.

I never met one person there who was anything but helpful to me - even if I had gained that week. You can either arrange home delivery or pick up meals at a Jenny Craig center each week. Bistro MD provides doctor-designed meals low in calories and low on the glycemic index, a measurement of blood sugar response. The daily calorie count varies between 1, and 1, to keep your metabolism off balance in an attempt to avoid plateaus.

Dieters using Bistro MD typically lose 2 to 3 lbs. You consume three meals and one snack daily. The meals are higher in calories than some other plans, about 1, to 1, calories per day, resulting in weight loss of about 1 to 2 lbs.

Meals are refrigerated and delivered once a week. Video of the Day. I would reccommend it. I used Jenny Craig and I have kept the weight off for 12 years now. By eating their food there is no guessing for me. I just do what they say and I loose the weight.

I don't know about Nutrisystem. I have had friends who used Ediets, but had no sucess. Related Questions EDiets or Nutrisystem Weight Watchers vs Nutrisystem?

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