Carb Confusion

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Could you explain this, please? Flavors such as caramel, licorice, and vanilla carry hints of sweetness and delightful aromas due to the herbs and spices used. I did notice there are no pork products in the recommendations. We suggest the peanut butter no sugar, fat added and apple because these foods are good body fuels. Several people were wondering, why fruits are not ideal for Crossfit or HIIT training but suitable for endurance training. I am considering starting the turbo cycling.

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Free-Food Snacks: Low-Calorie, Low-Carb Diabetic Snacks

High glycemic index foods tend to spike your blood sugar very quickly, which is why they give you such an energy boost. White bread and white rice are both good sources of fast-digesting carbs. While their whole-grain counterparts have much lower GI profiles, these two options will give you a quick boost of energy right away. Half a cup of steamed white rice has calories and 22 grams of carbohydrate. One gram of carbohydrate contains four calories, so 88 of those calories come from the carb content of the rice.

One slice of white bread has 74 calories and 14 grams of carbs, meaning that 56 of those calories come from the carb count. Fruit and certain type of vegetables contain fast-digesting carbs. Among the best high glycemic index fruits are bananas, grapes, watermelon, dates and peaches. Steer clear of apples, grapefruit, pear and prunes when you are looking for a quick energy fix, as these are all slow-release carbs. High glycemic index vegetables include green peas, parsnips, white potato, sweet potato and yams.

Many cereals contain fast-digesting carbs, and these are a convenient and quick food source. Any tips for a diabetic. I was diagnosed in February and cant seem to get it together. I do really good, then fall off track and want to give up. I work full time and am not sure how to incorporate eating every 3 hours, then I feel like I check my blood sugar in between there too, it gets me overwhelmed at times. Id loc to reverse my diabetes of poss and I know my weight, eating habits and lack of holding my self accountable for not consistently exercising all hurt me but for some reason I get right back off of it after I start.

Thank you for any advice. And please discuss any nutrition and exercise program with your healthcare team first, and then follow their recommendations. Are chia seeds allowed with the program? Can I count them as a fat with my greek yogurt or is it too many carbs? Chia seeds count as fats, so you could add them as the fat portion of any low-carb meal. But I have a couple questions: So when I eat any legumes I must eat protein as well? I only see almond milk among the drinks but would like to have e liquid protein source with oatmeal for example for breakfast….

And milk has carbs, also. I hope that helps! Hi thanks a lot for your anwser, just another little thing. A protein serving needs to have around 15 grams. And watch the carb content on non-Greek yogurts too. Hi again,sorry for all The questions…But need help for The protein part! We dont get tvp here in italy so it turns out i dont have many vegetarian protein alternatives…or you do u have any other suggestioni apart é gg Whites, tofu and cottage cheese?

Thank u so much! Are those alright as a protein source on the plan?? I have another question about meats that may contain some fat. I recently bought uncooked buffalo bison burgers at trader joes.

I went to have one with dinner the other night on a low carb day and realized that they are not as lean as I thought. One patty has 28 grams of protein and 29 grams of fat! When I saw this, I was uncertain as to whether or not to pair a healthy fat like avocado with the burger as I would have if I were certain it was a lean enough protein.

Since the burger was higher in fat than I thought, I chose to just eat it with veggies and no additional fat source. Can you help with this confusion? Does this mean that I can never have a fat and a carb together? No more peanut butter on a piece of whole grain bread?

The Turbo Cycle has the most low-carb days in a row, so maybe try that one? Hi, Just wanted to know if cliff builder bars are ok to have on high carb days? The carbs on the chocolate chip are 29 grams, but they have 8 grams of fat and 21 grams of sugar.

Thanks so much, this is the best diet plan ever!!!! What is the flavorings we can have on high fat? Nuts are a fat but hard to measure a thumb of nuts I usually do a 1oz serving is that too much?

A one ounce serving of nuts is great! As far as butter, try and stick to spray butter instead of butter. I understand they count as carbs, so to eat them only on high carb days. But, do they count as a complete protein — or would I want to pair them with some other protein? And you will still add a protein portion to any meal where beans are your carb portion.

Hi, I love carb cycling!! I am at my goal I have a BMI of and have started the maintenance plan, my question is, do I still eat calories on HC days, even if I cannot be as active as I usually am? Regards and thanks for everything.. And figs would be considered carbs. Last question I think. Ok so Chris on Dr. Oz had a snack example for low carb day was celery peanut butter and cheese stick what from that would be a protein? Can you have cheese on high carb day or is it too much fat?

Can you have fruit on low carb? Any approved snack for a 6th? I eat dinner at and sometimes get extra hungry how much time before bed to not eat. The peanut butter and cheese sticks would be fats, although sometimes reduced cheese can count as proteins.

And no 6th meal for the day — we only recommend 5 meals a day, spaced every 3 hours. Is there a contestant or someone I can get more help? You can totally choose your foods from the approved foods list and use the portion guides. Chris and Heidi have tried to make things as easy as possible. The same goes for carbs and fats too. Away from your lists you made, how can I determine or calculate if something is a high carb or low carb?

How do I use the nutrition facts to determine what category it belongs to fat , carbs, protein.. If I workout first thing in the morning should I eat my breakfast? Usually I fast until after I workout. How do I incorporate my shakes? Can I have them for snack and then include a portion of fat to that meal? Or can I have just the protein shake? Im sure I will have a lot of questions but these are the most pressing ones right now. Thank you in advance for your help! For your protein shakes, if it has between grams of protein and less than 5 grams of carbs per serving it can be the protein portion of any meal.

Im 22 years old, in pretty good shape, a dedicated ashtanga practitioner, but I cant seem to lost that extra pounds that is over my sculpted muscles! Every part of me thats thinner chest, shoulders, abdominals has distinct visible muscle tone. The parts not so thin, hips thighs arms, are very strong but have a layer of fat over the muscle. I just know there is beautiful muscle under there!!!

I am considering starting the turbo cycling. Will it help me lose that stubborn fat??? Yes, the turbo cycle could work for you! It also helps alleviate workout boredom too. I think I may not be getting enough fiber, any suggestions?

Be sure your whole grain products and cereals contain as much fiber as possible, and look for strings, stalks, and seeds not nuts — seeds like in kiwi, for example in other carbs because these are definitely fiber-related.

The vegan powder my husband uses has 15 grams of carbs per serving, so I need to find a different one that I can use every day. For protein powders in general, Chris and Heidi recommend whey-based powders with between grams of protein and less than 5 grams of carbs per serving. This serves as the protein-only portion of any meal. On hi-carb days, you say no fat… is it okay to have low fat and just stay away from hi fat foods such as nuts, avocado, nut butter? Would low-fat quest bars be okay in the hi-carb days??

How do you stay away from fats on hi carb days?? My doctor recently recommended a low carb, high protein diet. I have been reading about Carb cycling and I think I would like to give it a try. How is it different than what my Doctor suggests?

I want to adopt a healthier lifestyle and not look at it as so much of a diet. My main vice right now is iced mochas. Thank you for any help you may provide! To correctly answer your question, it depends on what your doctor means by low carb. As far as sweeteners, Chris and Heidi recommend Stevia and xylitol, and unsweetened almond or soy milk as alternatives to milk. How meticulous do you need to be watching your macros?

And is there some type of formula to know how much of each you should be eating? A typical low-carb day: A typical high-carb day: HIGH carb day dressing: The serving size is 2TBSP, and be sure to count those calories because they can add up pretty quickly. I have been looking into this for a while and would like to start Monday.

I like to do all my grocery shopping for the week on one day. So in trying to get my list together and to plan my meals, is there anywhere I can find an approved foods list? Heidi and Chris inspire me to be healthier.

I am confused on how many calories my husband and I should eat. We are doing cardio times a week and lifting weights 5 times a week. If we are working out that much do we need more calories then the amounts in Choose to Lose? Also how many protein shakes do you recommend daily? I am close to my goal weight, but really want to be more muscular, any advice?!

Thanks for all u both do? The answer to your question depends on how close you are to your goal weights and how intensely you work out.

Try following the calorie recommendations women: Doing so could slow down your rate of weight loss, so please keep that in mind. Also, can I add a green super food powder as well- will that count as a serving as veggies? I exercise 6 days a week and I am a distance runner. I run my long runs on M, W, S and run a mile tempo run on T, Th followed by strength training, and a mile run F followed by strength training.

My first question is: I get up really early to exercise so I can do it while my kids are still sleeping they are 3 and 1. I normally eat half a protein bar or a small bowl of cereal with almond milk before I workout and then breakfast after.

Can I do that if I allow 3 hours between those meals? Does that pre-workout snack count as a meal? If you do adjust your calories, make sure one thing you add is more lean protein. I just started carb cycling this week, still getting the hang of things! And I think I may have made a protein powder mistake! I already opened it, so I cannot return it. Is it okay to use? Maybe just on high carb days or would it work for low carb too?

No need to throw it away. For a powder that counts only as a protein portion, choose one with between grams of protein and less than 5 grams of carbs per serving. Is it okay to skip the flavor portion of a meal? Like if on a low carb day if I have a meal of cottage cheese, almonds, and carrots, will this be complete?

Or are the amount of calories in the flavorings necessary in the weight loss process? They are totally optional. The instructions for what to eat are easy to follow, but I always like to see some ideas laid out and to see what a day could look like, especially for snacks, etc. It helps for those of us who need inspiration. Breakfast within 30 minutes of waking: Basic Omelet with a corn tortilla to make it a wrap. Snack 3 hours later: A protein shake with a portion of a healthy fat, like peanut butter, mixed in.

Lunch 3 hours later: Tomato Basil and Garlic Chicken with a portion of olive oil drizzled on top. Sonora Cottage Cheese with a portion of avocado. Lemon Chicken drizzled with salad dressing. Denver Omelet with a portion of your favorite fruit or oatmeal on the side. Greek Yogurt Parfait with a portion of low fat granola. Caribbean Jerk Chicken with a portion of brown rice.

Protein shake with a portion of oatmeal mixed in. Dinner 3 hours later: Off the carb cycling topic but it would play into my cycling…Is it alright to do kettle bells and barbell exercises two days in a row? Either way, kettle bells would be considered a high carb day, right?

Your muscles need 48 hours to recover and get stronger in between workouts. And all four cycles follow an alternating schedule of low and high carb days, but each cycle has a different arrangement of these days throughout the week. If I have cottage cheese and a handful of cherry tomatoes for my afternoon snack on a low carb day, is this complete? Does the low fat cottage cheese count for both the protein and fat?

I just started the carb cycling program and I have a question about string cheese. How many pieces can I have on low carb days? One piece of string cheese would count as the fat portion of a low carb meal. Would it be better to do that on high or low carb days, or does it not matter? Also, would pb2 be considered a protein? You can do CrossFit on whichever days works best for you.

Maybe count it as a flavoring but keep track of those calories. I began the classic plan on June Does that amount of weight loss sound on target? I want to lose 14 more pounds.

Congrats on those 7. And the closer you get to your goal, the slower the pounds will come off. You can change cycles at any time, so do what works best for you! Using the fundamentals in the Choose to Lose book. I supplement with a lot of leafy vegetables like broccoli and cauliflower. Should I be adding these carbs to my daily count? Broccoli and cauliflower are considered veggies in carb cycling, and you can have two fist fulls of veggies with every meal.

These types of veggies are counted separately from other carbs. My friends and I are starting carb cycling this week.

What about cottage cheese? Yes, you can eat nonfat plain Greek yogurt and cottage cheese as the protein part of any meal — both low and high carb. I just have a quick question about breakfast on low carb days. Is that enough carbs or should I also have some oatmeal? I am trying to prepare my meal plan for the week to start with the classic cycle.

But I am having trouble figuring out low carb day. For veggies I love cucumbers, carrots, salad, tomatoes, mushrooms,and potatos. I know need to learn to like more veggies as I have always been fruit person. I want to be successful at this buy even with the book I still feel a little lost! Since the book was printed, carrots are now considered veggies in carb cycling, so those are an option for any meal. For example are carrots ok on the low-carb days?

What about sugar snap peas? Can you suggest a reference list of the types of veggies to choose from on low -carb days? Both carrots and sugar snap peas are considered veggies. Just wanted to be clear as in starting my first carb-cycle tomorrow morning! So sorry for your confusion. On page are the options to make this either a low carb meal for a meal after breakfast on a low carb day or a high carb meal which you could use for breakfast or any high carb meal. Every breakfast — on both low and high carb days — is a high carb meal: I started the morning off with a protein shake which has the following: I also had 1 piece of eK bread with a tsp of peanut putter on it instead of eating it dry.

Any type of nuts, nut butter, and oils are considered fats in carb cycling. Otherwise, this is a great high carb meal! I am confused about the number of carbs I should be taking in on low carb days. On atkins, it was simple. I adjusted to 20 g for 2 weeks and increased up to 40 there after. Now, with the high carb breakfast, even low carb days seem like high carb days when I look at my carb count for the day on MyFitnessPal.

Also, what is the limit on fat carbs on highcarb days. I had a peach the other day, and never knew there was fat in it until I looked at my fitness pal that evening, so I am guessing other things have fat that I may not realize. It makes it so simple! I am 6 weeks in and have lost 24lbs. I could probably lose another 30 lbs or so. Should I be losing weight during the slingshot week? I did lose 2lbs…is that ok to lose weight during that week 4?

I followed the plan from the book and worked out like I normally do. Congrats on those 24 pounds gone! Hi Heidi, i want to try carb cycling but i have a doubt. And milk is not on the approved foods list because it contains both fat and carbs. What if it is fat-free milk? Could we count it as the carb for that meal breakfast or on high carb days? Just finish week 1 of Turbo and it is going well lost almost 5lbs. Currently I am doing the omelet at 6am and the shake at 10am but it will actually a LOT easier for me to do it backwards.

This is the shake I was thinking for 6am: And make sure your protein powder has less than 5 grams of carbs or you could have a double carb with the oatmeal. Each cycle has a different rotation of low and high carb days. You can get links to all four cycles in this post: Choose the one that works best for you, and get started!

Hi, I have a question. You have lots of options so you can put together meals that fit your taste and schedule! Thank you so much for your reply! It was actually just shy of a week but wanted to follow the Saturday weigh in guideline. I am starting the turbo cycling on Monday but I am confused.

On my low carbs days I am eating the ham omelet from your book which has tomatoes and mushrooms in it. Do I still have to add 2 portions of veggies, and if so, what veggies? I feel like it would be a huge meal for a 6am breakfast. Also, at night I am eating chicken salad with lettuce, tomatoes and cucumbers so I have to add veggies as well? I am sorry but forgot to ask something else.

Because work schedule it is impossible for me to eat every 3 hours, but I can do every 4 hours except for pm snack. If something has 10 carbs and 8 are fiber would that be considered a low carb net 2 carbs. I was wondering how Heidi and Chris felt about the whole net carbs being carbs minus fiber. Also today was my 1st low carb day and I feel great!!! I can only seem to get about calories though. How do I get the cals up to ?? I recently got the book- love it.

Would you recommend your carb cycling plan for this purpose and which plan? It would be so much easier to not count grams!

Yes, carb cycling could work for you, and the Turbo Cycle would be a great place to start. They are truly a key to achieving your goals. Good luck on your competition!

I am just starting carb cycling — today is my first day of the turbo cycle. I have logged all of my meals into MyFitnessPal, and I am unable to reach calories while following the portion sizes as directed. The total for all of that is calories. Any ideas on how to get to while sticking with the plan? For dinner, you can up your cheese serving to 1 oz too. This could really help you! I have been able to take the weight off before by just restricting calories and fat but now it seems it is not coming off no matter how hard I workout everyday.

I am going to start the turbo carb cycling. I have a couple questions 1. How do I count quest bars? Can I eat a bar that is high fat and low carb 5g and high protein 20g on my low carb days. I have a great meal replacement shake for high carb days — do you recommend one for the low carb days? Based on my stats above is cals a day about right?? What veggies can I eat at b fast? What is a reasonable time goal for me to get to where I want to be?

Thanks in advance for the answers Shannon. Quest bars are a great low carb meal replacement. You can still add the veggies too. Yes, the key to knowing which bar is best for which type of meal is to look at both the carb and fat content. Look for a whey-based powder with between grams of protein and less than 5 grams of carbs per serving.

With this powder you can also still have your fat and veggie portions for a low carb meal. You can eat any veggies for breakfast! Try adding spinach or kale to a smoothie, or veggies to an omelet. This number does depend on how many pounds you want to lose too.

The less pounds you have to lose, the longer it can take. I am so excited to try this! My apologies if you have already answered this, but how many grams of carbs should a woman shoot for on a high carb day vs. That makes it easy! Could you please provide a direct link to the sign up option? Hopefully this option will be available in the future. In the meantime, feel free to keep an eye on this blog for great tips, recipes, and other health-related information. In many of the recipes in the book and online, it seems that there are a mix of carbs and fats in the same meals.

Are those recipes more for the maintenance time or is there a certain amount of fats allowed on carb days, and carbs on fat days? Thank you so much for explaining everything so thoroughly, you guys and your team rock!! Most recipes in the book are broken down into low and high carb days. Which specific recipes are you talking about? Is there an e-mail where I can send it?

I would like to start the turbo cycle as well. Do you mind sharing your menu? I do short but intense workouts a day of either HIIT, kettle bell, body weight, jump rope or moderate dumbbells. Too much will make me sleepy but I am getting too thin. I do have 4 kids with my youngest being 17 months so I know its jus time and consistency.

You can try the Fit Cycle, and then change to another cycle if you need to. Give it a try! The flavorings listed in the book, are they still considered fats? Couple questions, — Are banana peppers bad to add to meals? Week one I lost 6 lbs. But week 2 and 3 I barely lost anything. I workout for an hour almost every day too. Since peppers are considered veggies, you can add them to any meal. Are you drinking all your water?

Are you working out Monday thru Friday as recommended? Are you able to work in extra movement throughout your day to burn even more calories? However, the only categories you show for meals are Protein, Carbs and Veggies.

So just where does fruit fit in? Did the publisher make the Fruit list separate when it should be part of the carb list? Fruit is definitely counted as a carb in carb cycling, and all carbs — fruits included — are an important part of carb cycling success. Quick question…none of these carb cycling websites really tell you this…are we supposed to be counting the total amount of carbs OR net carbs carbs — fiber? It makes it pretty easy! The graphic in this post is really helpful in helping you know how to put together your carb cycling meals.

I did notice there are no pork products in the recommendations. Is this just a personal religious choice of Chris and Heidi, or is there actually something that makes pork undesirable as a protein option? I just started carb cycling this week thanks to your Choose to Lose book! Should I be increasing that if my workouts are intense? Since your workouts are pretty intense, you might want to try the Fit Cycle: And remember, you can change cycles at any time. Oz, some show are about Monday, Tuesday, Thursday Friday low carb days.

Learn more about all the carb cycles here: Just keep an eye on your overall calorie count as this amount does have some calories. And you will have a reward day during your slingshot week every 4th week too.

Hi, I am trying to figure out how many grams of protein I am sappose to be eating. Based on research it is 1 gr per pound. I am almost 50 grams off per day. I love protein, drink protein shakes that contain 30 g and cannot hit this amount. There are several protein options for your breakfast. You could drink a protein shake with your oatmeal, have some Greek yogurt low carb type on the side, have some eggs on the side, and others.

And you only have 1 serving of veggies with every meal, not two. Such a big fan of the Powell pack! What would you recommend for someone wanting to stay away from grains? I have a gluten tolerance and prefer to not eat grains all around except occasional oat meal. On a high carb day would I just mainly stick to vegetable and fruit carbs? Do you have a recommended salad dressing for salads on low carb days? For salad dressings, you can have 2 tablespoons of low fat creamy dressings, and 1 tablespoon of regular dressings these servings are between calories.

I hope this helps — happy carb cycling! I usually drink a natural isolate whey protein as snacks since it is quick and easy while chasing my toddler around. It has 25g protein and is naturally sweetened with stevia, but has 2g of carbs.

Is this a no-go on low carb days after breakfast? I am not looking to lose weight; goal is for fat loss and clean bulk. In one of the other responses, I saw a comment that a man should eat low carb days and high carb days. If I look at that as gross, net of exercise and daily caloric need, I would be well into a deficit; this would cause further weight loss and possible muscle depletion.

What should I do? Hi- Can you switch carb cycling plans weekly: Also, I complete my workouts in the morning prior to breakfast. Pennies to half dollars, single coins and mixture.

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