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Sanjay Nirupam has threatened he will immolate himself outside Anil Ambani's home Employment News- New Updates. The Supreme Court Collegium has recommended names of S. The applicants are therefore, advised to check the details before submitting the application. Jammu Kashmir Public Service Commission. KVS Recruitment Vacancies. Among the suspicious items were CDs with arms training content, bomb-making literature and maps of different cities with marked locations, like the site of the music festival Sunburn in Pune.

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The judiciary, administration, the nation as well as the Ram Temple belong to us," Mr Verma has told reporters. Sep 5, , National Herald https: He is a much loved and highly respectable member of his community. People look up to him for his wisdom and good counsel.

However, now both, he and his wife Hamida Khatoon have been declared foreigners by a Foreigner's Tribunal. Moreover, all his children have also been declared foreigners. Abdul Kadir was born and raised in Solmari village located in Morigaon district of Assam. While both produced multiple documents including revenue receipts, land sale deeds, Haj travel documents and even names in electoral rolls, the FT was not satisfied and passed an order declaring them foreigners in November I have never left the country!

How did they come up with an address in Bangladesh," we wonder. As and when children attained majority their names were also added," says Kadir. Two ATS officials - one from Pune and one from Mumbai - told HT on condition of anonymity that a man called MD Murali was behind these killings, as well as several alleged terror plots since The officials, investigating the role of alleged sympathisers of the right-wing group Sanatan Sanstha in these murders and various terror plots over the past five years, said they identified Murali, after questioning Vaibhav Raut, Sharad Kalaskar, Sudhanva Gondhalekar, Shrikant Pangarkar and Avinash Pawar - the five men the ATS has arrested over the past few weeks in connection with the attacks.

This compares poorly with 29 deaths and injuries to people in , and 22 deaths and injuries the previous year. The incidents of communal violence in places like Bulandshahr and Saharanpur clearly showed the involvement of the Adityanath-led Hindu Yuva Vahini and local BJP activists.

Those involved were reprimanded but strict legal action against the culprits did not follow. On January 16, , the Adityanath government issued a press statement in which it said the UP police had invoked the National Security Act NSA against people in order to control law and order.

This was one of their prized achievements, apart from racking up police encounters in 10 months. Thanks to the ever alert police force of Maharashtra - and aided by our even more alert national investigative agencies - the conspirators have been apprehended before they could carry out their plot. It was he who first waved that letter on the Republic TV screen exposing the links that these social activists and others had with the Maoist plan to kill the prime minister in a "Rajiv Gandhi type plot.

But now, in the midst of Goswamy's drooling ecstasy over the arrests, suddenly a spanner has been thrown in from an unexpected quarter. Prakash Ambedkar, grandson of the legendary leader of the Dalit movement - sorry, I should use the term Scheduled Caste, as required by the government's recent order - Bhim Rao Ambedkar who is the president of Bharip Bahujan Mahasangh, has come out with an observation that rubbishes this whole scare about the death threat that our prime minister is supposedly facing.

Why didn't Maharashtra police produce "incriminating" evidence in court, released it to media? But the friendly MLA said he would disregard the girl's will only if the boy's family was on board. Of course, opposition parties pounced on him, with Congress politician Subodh Saoji revealing his own illiberal colours by offering a bounty to chop Kadam's tongue.

This is the crux of the issue. Their security being threatened by their own MLA would then be the clear outrage it is. No means no, Ram Kadam. In its Aims and Objectives, the reasoning it states, "to provide for an institutional mechanism for identification of illegal immigrants in the country and their deportation and for matters connected therewith or incidental thereto.

The order to media to stop using 'Dalit' for people categorised as scheduled castes came from a high court. The British had coined 'scheduled castes' in to sum up a bunch of humankind born on the subcontinent and punished for breathing the same air the 'higher humans' inhaled.

Why not try to download the file instead? WaterHealth team manages all the processes and systems associated with consumer life cycle. This includes consumer acquisition, managing various channels of distribution and providing high quality and reliable service to consumers.

WaterHealth partners with the local institutions and key opinion leaders to drive community engagement and improvement programs. WaterHealth reciprocates their trust and keeps them involved in all community initiatives and programs. WaterHealth ties up with key community influencers like doctors and teachers to spread the message of safe drinking water in the community.

WaterHealth hires Business Associates and Delivery Service Providers from within the community to run plant operations and distribution respectively. The Organization conducts structured training programs to improve their skill and performance, this builds capacity within the community to run the WaterHealth Center independently even after its eventual transfer to the community at the end of concession term.

The rainwater falling on the rooftops of WaterHealth Centers is collected in half cut pipes attached to the roof which channelizes the water to a recharge pit near the bore well.

Also the surface runoffs from surrounding areas and buildings is routed to the recharge pits. The wastewater generated in a WaterHealth Centers is discharged into the recharge soak pit after treating this to discharge water quality standards.

While this results in 'zero' wastage of water, it also helps in recharging the aquifer. WaterHealth monitors and controls quality of waste water on thirty one 31 specified discharge parameters as laid down by the Environment Protection Amendment Rules, notified by G.

WaterHealth has also tested Solar Power as an alternate source of electricity to reduce the Company's carbon footprint. This also ensures that the plant is operational in remote areas which experience frequent power cuts.

WaterHealth ensures standardized operating and maintenance procedures across all its WaterHealth Centers. An Operations Team comprising of technically qualified personnel service, maintain and resolve all trouble fault tickets. WaterHealth operates state of the art laboratories Chemical and Microbiological to ensure that each drop of 'dr.

The laboratories use highly sophisticated and calibrated instruments which help the Company check the water quality.

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