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The Battle of Long Island The best activity plan for weight loss includes cardio, resistance and stretching. Great way to lead by example! Thanks for the post. What is the circadian rhythm?

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Important Election Dates! Polling Place Hours Lookup your city or town's polling place hours. See Qualified Candidates or download the complete list excel file. The island beauty can be captured at every Please note all events are Catalina Express receives numerous media requests each year. The Marketing department personnel welcome media inquiries Maps See where our ports are located, download island maps and view island information. Webcam Take a live look at what's happening on Catalina Island right now.

Book A Tour Tour companies in Avalon provide an array of sightseeing options, expeditions, coastal and interior drives Group Travel Whether you are traveling for your next small group business meeting, corporate retreat, family reunion Press Room Catalina Express receives numerous media requests each year.

Discover paradise on Catalina Island with daily ferry trips to and from the island. For weight management advice during this time, we recommend you seek tailored advice from an Accredited Practising Dietitian. To find your nearest dietitians, in Australia log onto www. From 6 weeks after the birth of your baby, we welcome you to make an appointment to see one of our consultants. We offer tailored menu plans with sufficient kilojoules to accommodate your weight loss and nutrition needs while breastfeeding.

Each week, you'll speak with your personal Consultant for a minute, private consultation whether in centre or over the phone, whichever suits you. Your consultant will help you where you need it most, be it monitoring your weight loss progress, encouraging you to set personal goals, celebrating success or providing strategies to handle challenging situations such as dining out, traveling and unplanned changes. They will also help you select satisfying and convenient weekly menus that fit into your lifestyle.

The best way to find out if our Program is right for you is to visit a Centre for a free informational consultation. During your visit, our staff will:. This consultation is obligation-free.

No matter what you decide, you'll leave the Centre feeling even more motivated to take action towards a healthier lifestyle! Our weekly consultations play a major role in our clients' successes. Not only do we want to support you along your weight loss journey, we want to ensure that you're experiencing a healthy rate of weight loss. However if you find yourself too busy to visit our centres in person, we recommend you ask your consultant to conduct these consultation over the phone and have your food delivered to your door.

Consider your Consultant your "partner in weight loss. You can pay for your food at your weekly consultations, in person or over the phone. We accept cash, cheques, eftpos and credit card excluding American Express or Diners. If you need to schedule an appointment when your regular Consultant is not available, any of the available trained Consultants can work with you to set up a plan for your success.

We pride ourselves in hiring health-oriented and customer-focused individuals who genuinely enjoy working with people. Consultants also receive ongoing continuing support and information in areas relating to nutrition, motivation and stress management.

When clients have special needs or requests, Consultants call on our Accredited Practising Dietitians for help. Want to be part of our team? Click here to find out about a career with Jenny. Centre employees include consultants, who work with our clients weekly as "partners in lifestyle change" to motivate them, assist them with their weekly menu and activity planning, and provide them with personalised strategies to help them on their weight loss journeys.

Our consultants give clients free informational consultations and tours of the centre, and the Centre Leader is responsible for all daily centre operations. On Jenny, you should gradually increase your activity through a combination of natural, planned and playful physical activities, learning how to incorporate more activity into your everyday routine. Blair, Dunn, Marcus, Carpenter and Jaret.

Active Living Every Day: Research has shown that an active lifestyle is a critical factor to successful weight loss. While it's true that physical activity supports consistent weight loss, its role is even more critical in long term weight maintenance. During your consultations, your Jenny Consultant will work with you to identify any barriers to physical activity - and help you develop plans to overcome those barriers and stay motivated.

They will also work with you to develop a personalised, staged approach that starts where you are right now and builds from there. The good news is, the "exercise" is a combination of walking, resistance, and "natural" activity.

At Jenny Craig, you'll learn strategies for building an active lifestyle to enhance your own success. If you're already doing a great job being regularly active, your Jenny Craig Consultant will work with you to develop a personalised, staged approach that might include adding some new activities. The best activity plan for weight loss includes cardio, resistance and stretching. If you've focused primarily on moderate-intensity activities like walking or cycling, why not boost your metabolism with some resistance training?

If you're already doing both, you might focus on the mind and body benefits of stretching activities like yoga. Your consultant will assess what stage you are in when you begin the program. As you progress, we will re-check your stage and continue to tailor your activities. While losing weight on the Program is certainly not a prerequisite for becoming an employee, many staff members have experienced success as clients on the Program.

Their personal experiences give them an even greater insight into offering clients timely suggestions and encouragement.

Book your free appointment Request a call. How was the Jenny Program developed? What will Jenny teach me? A healthy relationship with food We all love food so we're not going to stop you eating what you love. An active lifestyle We encourage clients to gradually increase activity through a combination of natural, planned and "playful" physical activities.

A balanced approach to living Jenny Craig emphasises cognitive strategies to help you develop a more balanced, positive mindset. How long will I need to stay on Jenny? How much weight can I expect to lose?

Do the menus include only Jenny food? What kilojoule level will I be on? When should I weigh myself? I've lost the weight, how do I keep it off? We don't just want you to lose the weight, we want you to keep it off for good! Clinical study shows just how well Jenny works! Our Program What are the different Program options that Jenny offers? How can I find the nearest Centre?

What if I don't want to go to a Centre … or there's not one in my area? How much does Jenny cost? Losing weight is often not just about the food we eat but is about a lifestyle change. Do you have an Adolescent Program? Can I do the Program if I travel a lot? Can I do the Program if I'm breastfeeding? Six weeks after the birth of your baby, we welcome you to make an appointment to see one of our friendly consultants Rapid Results How does the new program work?

What is the circadian rhythm? Why the 12 hour break? When should I take a 12 hour break? What beverages can I have during my 12 hour break? Is it okay if my eating start and stop times change during the week? Do I have to do the 12 hour break over the weekend? All of our menus are: Developed based on the National Dietary Guidelines for Australia and New Zealand Nutritionally balanced in terms of carbohydrates, protein and good fats Low in saturated fat and high in fibre Chosen to meet your weight loss goals, with kilojoule levels ranging from to kilojoules or higher per day Your Jenny menu supports you to develop new, sensible eating habits and teaches you that you can still enjoy your favourite foods while losing weight.

Do you have a gluten free menu? Do you have vegetarian menus? What if I am lactose intolerant? What kinds of Jenny Cuisine food items do you offer? Do I have to buy your food? Can I choose my own foods? Should I avoid carbohydrates?

But won't I lose more weight faster with a low-carbohydrate diet? What if I don't like one of the fruits or vegetables listed on the menu? Do you have Kosher menus? Currently, none of our Jenny Craig meals or snacks are Kosher certified.