Shakeology Shake Review: Is it safe?

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These contain DVD copies of select workouts as well as the basic exercise equipment necessary for the exercises. It represents a complete and total commitment to seeking every advantage and opportunity you can get for yourself. These nutrients fall into one of two categories, prebiotics which help create a habitable environment for these bacteria, and probiotics which supplement and add to the number of beneficial bacteria in the gut. All our own products are made with premium ingredients supported by science and formulated in the United States in GMP-certified facilities. Kale is regarded as one of the most nutritionally-dense foods on the planet, as it is packed with a host of vitamins, minerals, antioxidants and fiber with very few calories. The protein in Thrive Mix is derived from a blend of soy, pea, and whey. A 24 GI rating is extremely low which is a very good thing , and yet another confirmation of just how healthy this product really is.

Beachbody – The Company Behind Shakeology

While both flavors are tasty, I have to give the edge to chocolate in the taste department. Another advantage to the chocolate flavor is the fact that it has a slightly higher protein content. This is due to the fact that the serving size for Chocolate is 8 grams higher than for greenberry. The extra ingredients mostly chocolate powder and cocoa powder add an additional 2 grams of protein to chocolate Shakeology shakes.

Hopefully this Shakeology review has given you some useful information that will prove to be helpful in deciding whether or not Shakeology is for you. I highly recommend that you try Shakeology out for yourself and decide whether or not you agree! I lost about 15 pounds over a 2 month period by replacing my lunch with the shake and eating a balanced diet.

I recommend the chocolate flavor…was not a fan of the green berry. Replaced my lunch with Shakeology for 4 days just to try it out and lost 2lbs!

Went back to just eating healthy for 4 days, no weight loss, Shakeology is the key!!! RSS feed for comments on this post. E-mail required, never displayed. Is Shakeology worth it? Is Shakeology good for you? Shakeology Review — The Basics Shakeology is much more than just a protein shake.

Is Shakeology a Scam? On the other hand, the ingredients label is where Shakeology truly shines. Superfood is not an official designation of any sort, but the term still communicates an idea and a set of values. A superfood does not need to be organic, nor does it have to be GMO free, it just has to be dense food. In practice this means that superfoods are specialized; they often fill their role better than any other comparable substitute.

These omega-3 fatty acids can reduce the risk of coronary heart disease as well as help to slow the buildup of plaque in the arteries. Salmon is considered a superfood. Blueberries are considered a superfood due to the high levels of flavonoids found within. This nutrient is known for its ability to combat memory loss as well as the ability to prevent neurodegenerative disease. Other berries carry these flavonoids as well, but blueberries have them in some of the highest quantities.

Nuts can be considered a superfood. Peanuts contain resveratrol, a powerful flavonoid while pecans contain more antioxidants than any other nut, making it an excellent choice for preventing free radical damage.

As mentioned earlier, free radical damage is an unfortunate consequence of the natural oxidation-reduction redox cycle. During this process, highly reactive uncharged molecules can be created. Their high reactivity can wreak havoc on neighboring chemicals, creating oxidative stress which damages the body.

These ongoing chemical reactions have been linked to illness across multiple body systems, including the nervous and cardiovascular system. Because free radicals are created during the oxidation-reduction, the less redox that needs to be done the fewer free radicals end up being created. This is why antioxidant properties of superfoods are among the most critical when trying to build wholesome, complete nutrition. There are a variety of flavors offered here, with vanilla being one of the most popular by our research.

Shakeology shakes are fortified to the max with nutrients that are believed to boost health in a variety of ways, as described above. The claim is that drinking one or more Shakeology meals per day is the best way to cover all of your nutritional bases and fill in any gaps that might remain in your regular food intake. Reviews show the chocolate Shakeology flavor to be the most popular, with many users commenting that it has a strong, decadent flavor that manages to not be overpowering or artificial tasting.

On the opposite side of the spectrum would be more subtle flavors. The tropical strawberry flavor achieves this taste profile best and lends itself well to custom Shakeology recipes that add fruit. Somewhere in between are the vanilla and cafe latte flavors. Both flavors achieve the targeted taste without a significant amount of added chemicals. While most scientists believe that there are no nutritional differences between organic and non-organic produce, there is a quality difference between the two.

Despite not being organic, the superfoods selected by BeachBody for Shakeology fill their role better than most any other food. Shakeology ingredients are high quality, but they may not be the absolute highest quality possible. The bad news is that its products are not certified gluten-free because the facilities where the product is made might sometimes make other products that contain gluten.

So is Shakeology gluten free? The answer to this question is yes and no. Beachbody does offer vegan meal replacements, but their entire catalog is not vegan. The meal replacement diet options for vegans are clearly indicated and set apart from the rest of the offerings. Currently, all but one flavor of Shakeology is vegan and dairy-free with the rest offered with vegan and vegetarian options.

Since plant-based protein sources often do not include all essential amino acids, a blend is required. Not only do these plants combine to include all essential amino acids, the quinoa and peas contain complete protein, guaranteeing that all amino acids are present in vegan meal replacement shake. Shakeology is known for weight loss effects, but it is important to note that it is a nutrition supplement first and a weight loss tool second.

The main goal is a diet that is nutritionally complete, and Shakeology can help any diet plan reach that goal. The primary benefits of Shakeology is a body that functions as it was intended to.

Most notably, people notice heightened energy, reduced cravings for junk food, as well as improved digestion and regularity. As a whole, there is no one Shakeology diet. The benefits of Shakeology are most pronounced when it is used as a supplemental form of nutrition.

It is intended to fill in all the missing gaps that are easily filled by very specific superfoods. Because Shakeology designed to work with any diet there are many ways to customize add additional flavor to the shakes.

For an added thickness, it is recommended to use a blender and ice. The more ice that is added the thicker the shake becomes. Because Beach body shakes can be used with any diet, any kind of milk or milk substitute can be used in place of the coconut milk. As with all recipes, any milk or milk substitute can be used.

Ice can be added in and blended for additional thickness. This simple recipe combines two Shakeology flavors in order to make something new. Add a blended banana and ice to get a delicious Strawberry-Vanilla-Banana shake. Shakeology can fit within many diet plans, they can also fit the dietary needs associated with different illnesses. As with any diet, please be sure to contact your physician before starting, if you are on a diet to manage an existing condition.

BeachBody received results back from the glycemic index laboratories. Shakeology received a 24 on a scale of , making them low in terms of glycemic index. This means that Shakeology shakes may well fit within a healthy diabetic diet. While Shakeology is not designed to help with any specific medical condition, many users with IBS have reported improvement in their condition. Most times, the probiotic blend has been able to help restore harmony within the digestive system.

Most times, some users reported improvement in their PCOS. There is no explicit scientific research supporting the claims made online.

Much like with IBS, digestion can be improved considerably with the right blend of prebiotic and probiotic supplements. It is important to note that whey protein is present in every Shakeology shake flavor, with the exception of the vegan flavors. Those who have trouble digesting dairy products may have difficulty with non-vegan Shakeology products and should focus on dairy-free options.

This trouble with dairy is most caused by a lack of natural lactase in the digestive system. BeachBody has included lactase as one of the many enzymes that are supplemented in every Shakeology product.

Even those who suffer from indigestion with certain dairy products may not have the same problem with the whey protein in Shakeology because of these added enzymes. With keto, there are many varying opinions and levels of dedication. Ketogenic diets are often characterized by low net carbohydrate counts as well as moderate protein intake. These diets often vary in method, when comparing a keto diet done as a lifestyle compared to a keto diet done for medical reasons under the guidance of a physician.

A shake like the Shakeology vegan chocolate has 18 grams of carbohydrates and 13 grams of net carbohydrates. Total carbohydrates minus fiber. Many sources cite 35 grams of total carbs and 25 grams as absolute daily limits in order to achieve ketosis.

With 18 and 13 grams, Shakeology can be consumed on a ketogenic diet but is not the best option; keto dieters will need to limit carbohydrates in other areas of their diet.

With cancer, complete nutrition can be very beneficial. One issue, but, is the nature by which cancer occurs. Each time this happens there is a chance for one of these cells to become cancerous, which then spreads throughout the body. Having well fed, healthy cells can result in a consistent rate of regeneration, and so a persistent risk of cancer.

This is unavoidable, even with complete nutrition. Some physicians recommend nutrition shakes such as Shakeology for patients undergoing cancer treatment since it contains dense nutrition and can be easier to keep down for some. Anyone actively undergoing treatment should contact their physician for specific dietary advice. Shakeology contains Ashwagandha as part of its proprietary adaptogen blend. In a study, Ashwagandha was shown to induce a calming effect that was comparable to the drug Lorazepam in three different anxiety tests.

The same study showed lowered levels of tribulin, a market of clinical anxiety in rats. No overarching diet is known to help treat or otherwise cure lupus. This means that while some Shakeology users with lupus have reported excellent results, we cannot be certain why, or assume that Shakeology was responsible. Beachbody shake ingredients such as Omega-3 can reduce inflammation related to lupus, but there is no significant scientific backing to explain the mechanism that causes.

Omega-3 to be beneficial to those with lupus. With thyroid health, nutrition is a key component. Thyroid problems are most caused due to specific nutrient deficiencies, Iodine. It is easy to become deficient in iodine because it is not present in most vegetables. Shakeology includes kelp as a source of iodine, which can help treat hypothyroidism and other thyroid conditions.

Not only are these vitamins present in every Shakeology product, the amount added to proprietary blends have been increased. Like most neurological and mental ailments, there are many potential causes and very few solutions. Migraines are no different; because there are so many potential causes there is no specific helpful ingredient for Shakeology or any dietary supplement to include in order to better treat migraines.

Better general nutrition can help to prevent headaches and migraines, but this would not be due to anyone specific cause. Shakeology is sweetened naturally with sugar, which mitigates many of the risks of migraines associated with artificial sweeteners. Pea is a vegan protein used in Shakeology. Its low cost and complete amino acid profile make it an excellent candidate.

Some consider it to be second only to whey in terms of overall effectiveness, completeness, and ease of digestion. Soy is a source of protein. Due to its low cost, high yields from GMO processes, and cultural relevance it can be almost impossible to find a dietary supplement without soy. Whey is a popular protein source derived from milk. The Shakeology meal plan is fairly simple.

Shakeology directions have you consuming one shake per day in place of a regular meal, and then you eat low-calorie portions of regular foods for the other meals and snacks. Shakeology also provides diet and fitness advice to help you adjust your lifestyle to support your goals.

There are over Shakeology recipes — on the official website and on some blogs created by Beachbody coaches. The packets only come in a handful of flavors, but can be used in shakes, puddings, no-bake cookies and other snacks you can create by combining the shake mix with different ingredients.

With any product like this one, taste and quality are right at the forefront of customer complaints and praise. Some users mention tossing in strawberries, banana or peanut butter to cover the taste. These side effects are most likely due to the fiber content in the product. Our research team also came across some words of caution from WebMD. Ashwagandha is said not to be safe for women who are pregnant and it strongly urged not to be used by some the medical community.

Side effects associated with Shakeology are mostly mild and typically involve changes in digestion. Those who are sensitive to dairy products may experience discomfort when consuming the non-vegan flavors since they contain whey protein, which is derived from dairy.

Another potential side effect comes from the ingredient Methylsulfonylmethane also known as MSM. MSM is effective for joint health, but can also cause fatigue and nausea. This mechanic is not wholly understood; it is known that spirulina attaches to inorganic material such as metal. So far the side effects experienced by Shakeology users have been either mild or unconfirmed.

If you experience any of these side effects contact your physician. There are a bunch of meal-replacement shakes on the market designed to help you lose weight, such as SlimFast , Met-Rx and Medifast. There are even some generic ones out there, like the Kirkland weight-loss shakes at Costco. If you decide to use one of them instead of Shakeology, be sure to read the labels and get one that is also loaded with a full spread of vitamins and minerals. You might have a hard time finding shakes that offer all the nutrients included in Shakeology.

We did notice a lot of people complaining about the taste of Shakeology, so if that prevents you from sticking to the diet, then maybe you should go with some Shakeology alternatives that taste better. There are many Shakeology substitutes and Shakeology alternatives available in the market. Each product goes about solving similar problems in a different fashion.

It can be difficult to compare every quality of these products, but a few of these qualities define Shakeology as a complete nutrition shake. Price, protein completeness, phytonutrient content, probiotic support, and anti-oxidant levels are among the most important considerations. It also uses stevia, a natural zero calorie sweetener, making it more suitable to ketogenic diets. Both of these are complete proteins. Anti-oxidants are present in some ingredients but are not a major focus of this product.

Vega one is an organic Shakeology substitute. Vega one has no added sugar, opting to use stevia, making it a better choice for ketogenic and other low carb dieters. The protein in Vega one is derived from peas, which once again is a complete protein.

Probiotics are supported by the addition of 2 billion CFUs bacillus coagulans, but there is no added prebiotic supplement or support. Spirulina is the most scientifically proven phytonutrient source included and very little of it is used. Antioxidants are well supported with blueberry juice powder as well as acai powder, two ingredients not present in Shakeology.

Thrive is a supplement company that sells many dietary supplements, most of which do not provide complete nutrition. Their closest competitor, Thrive Mix, is a competent shake, but far from complete. The protein in Thrive Mix is derived from a blend of soy, pea, and whey. This means that the protein is complete, but also is no longer vegan.

There are no significant, scientifically verified sources of phytonutrients. Probiotics are well-supported, with. Acidophilus, lipase, and amylase.

Anti-oxidants are supported, but through artificial means; there are no whole food sources of anti-oxidants in Thrive Mix. There is no proper comparison to be made between Shakeology and Arbonne. Arbonne currently does not sell or support a complete nutrition meal replacement shake. The company currently offers a wide variety of targeted nutrition supplements, but nothing intended for complete nutrition. The closest comparison that can be made is to their protein shake mix.

Kelp powder and alfalfa leaf are added in unknown quantities, so there is a small amount of phytonutrient content available in the protein shake. There is nothing added for probiotic support nor is there anything added for antioxidant support. It is also important to know that it is made in a facility that processes wheat, eggs, soybeans, and milk meaning that it not vegan depending on your personal standards.

Isagenix is another dietary supplement company that focuses on having as many products as possible for as many applications as possible. The company does not offer any single specific complete nutrition meal replacement shake. It Is by no means the same product as Shakeology, but it is priced accordingly.

The protein is derived from whey meaning it is an amino acid complete and not vegan. There are absolutely no added phytonutrients to the IsaLean Shake. Probiotics are supported with added Lactobacillus acidophilus and lactase, but nothing else. Antioxidants are completely unsupported. Advocare is yet another supplement company it does not have a proper competing product when compared to Shakeology.

Like other supplement companies, Advocare offers many dietary supplements and dietary aids, meal shakes, bars and capsules, all of which are intended to support fitness or weight-loss rather than total nutrition. Just about the only thing that is natural is the whey protein, which at least guarantees complete amino acids. There is otherwise nothing added in terms of phytonutrients, probiotic support, and antioxidant support.

Herbalife is another large-scale, corporate dietary supplement operation that focuses heavily on diversifying products into every potential niche. Fortunately, there are many shake options available and targeted to different dietary needs.

What stands out most about the Formula One shake is the price. It would not be surprising to be able to purchase this from a store for even less, specifically for those who happen to have loyalty cards at stores such as GNC.

The rest of the product is lacking. Herbalife offers very little in the way of phytonutrients and absolutely nothing added for probiotic support. The most disappointing part about the Formula 1 Shake is the protein. Not only is a protein soy-based, but there are only 9 grams of protein per serving, making it one of the weakest offerings on the market.

Formula one is little more than empty liquid calories. As such, the IdealShake Meal Replacement Shake is not a true competitor for Shakeology nor should it be compared to such. The protein is derived from whey, making this supplement amino acid complete and non-vegan. There is nothing added for phytonutrients, but there is considerable support for digestion. There is nothing added for antioxidant support. IdealShape stands out becausee of the addition of a hunger blocker blend to reduce cravings.

This includes Isomalto-oligosaccharide and Potato Protein Extract. These additives have a proven prebiotic impact and have some scientific basis in aiding weight loss. SlimFast is one of the oldest and most recognized meal replacement shakes on the market. As their name indicates, their focus is once again on weight loss rather than complete nutrition.

In terms of price SlimFast is the most competitive meal replacement shake on the market. In some ways, you get what you pay for with SlimFast.

The basic shake contains only 10 grams of whey protein, no phytonutrient support, no probiotic support, and no antioxidant support. One positive aspect, however, is the single gram of sugar per serving, making this shake an excellent choice for low carb and ketogenic dieters.

SlimFast makes weight loss drinks and nothing more. Altogether there is no product currently on the market that seems to rival the complete nutrition profile of Shakeology. Some come close at a much lower price point, but none manage to outclass it entirely.

The price of Shakeology is one of its strongest weakness as a product. There are many products in the Shakeology line, with Shakeology price break down as follows:. These contain DVD copies of select workouts as well as the basic exercise equipment necessary for the exercises.

Resistance bands are the most used, though there are different products included in some challenge packs. This benefit also extends out to other people; as a BeachBody coach, you are able to sell BeachBody products including Shakeology. Many users find that after becoming coaches they can share their discount with other friends and family members.

Challenge packs consist of a fitness program, five Shakeology flavors and a free day trial membership to Beachbody On Demand, although they offer a variety of different options. In general, Shakeology was never intended to be used as a detox or cleansing method.

It has always been intended to supplement other dietary choices. It may be possible to use Shakeology products in conjunction with other cleansing strategies, but these judgments are best made to a licensed physician or dietician.

While there currently is not much science regarding which meal of the day should be replaced by a Shakeology or any meal replacement shake , there is a common consensus; breakfast is an essential meal that has been scientifically shown to help keep off the weight that was initially lost. Since many people find it difficult to find time for breakfast, Shakeology fills this need very quickly.

Alternatively, if you find that you have time in the morning to make a proper breakfast but do not have access to a quality lunch at work, then lunch may be the most appropriate time to replace a meal. It is almost never recommended that dinner is replaced with a shake; it often provides the most calories and serves to provide fuel for an evening of rest and regeneration.

This remains true no matter what your age, gender, or other demographics. Consistent eating patterns have shown to be beneficial, and meal replacement shakes should be used whenever it becomes inconvenient to prepare a proper meal.

When it comes to meal placement strategies, one question that often is the difference between meal shakes and meal replacement bars. The only absolute answer to this question is to follow the nutrition.

Whichever of the two provides the most complete nutrition should be the choice selected. Beachbody may sell meal replacement shakes today, but their core offering has always been their series of workout tapes and fitness guides. Starting initially with the P90X series, the company branched out into other home workout routines, all focused on achieving results. P90X started out as a day workout series hosted by Tony Horton. It was advertised in promised to be the best workout of your life and could bring into the best shape of your life, all in just 90 days, so long as you are dedicated and have the will power to stick with it.

The exercises consist mostly of bodyweight exercises as well as some exercises done with resistance bands. Insanity, hosted by Shaun T is a cardio-heavy workout focused on doing maximum effort done for as long as possible.

Persistence is the goal of Insanity; if you can go 30 seconds longer each day for two months, you will be able to complete the entire workout. T25 is another workout series hosted by Shaun T. The focus remains on short bursts of maximum effort exercise called interval training.

What makes T25 unique is that the workouts are short; clocking in at just 25 minutes per day. What makes day Obsession special is that there are no repeated workouts; each of the 80 sessions teaches a new exercise routine. It provides counseling on the kind of mindset needed to eat right and feel good about it.

It includes recipes, tips for everyday life, as well as advice for more unique situations such as social events.

The 2B mindset takes dieting and makes it a lifestyle rather than a constant test of will power. When it comes to Shakeology, a dietitian should rightfully be concerned about a few specific details. Much of this is due to the gap between practical advice and effective product marketing. Oftentimes businesses find themselves making claims that they cannot back up, or make recommendations that benefit the company rather than the customer.

The unfortunate reality is that fad diets sell, and even effective diet shakes need to appeal to the sorts of dieting trends that pop up from time to time. They have since found their own voice and market Shakeology as a supplement to a healthy diet rather than a miracle for weight loss. Things have improved, but BeachBody still must make certain promises in order to be taken seriously.

These liquid calories are necessary to turn to make Shakeology into a Beachbody meal replacement. It is also recommended that you take advantage of recipes that add healthy fruits and vegetables to existing Shakeology shakes.

Another important consideration is the importance of whole foods. While the nutrients in Shakeology are derived from whole foods and create a perfectly nutritional beverage, they can never be the exact same as the whole food themselves.

And maybe very good, but it will never be a perfect translation. Sources are rarely what they seem, even if they are doctors, and even the most direct and honest company has to make concessions in order to be relevant in the marketplace. Recently Shakeology underwent an independent clinical study. During the study participants were instructed to replace two meals per day with Shakeology shakes. The end result was scientific evidence that Shakeology can help users lose weight, maintain a healthy cholesterol level and can support the maintenance of healthy blood sugar levels.

For many, the news of blood sugar levels being impacted was a surprise, finally showing the benefit of complete nutrition. There are not many other studies specifically for Shakeology in particular.

What we can observe are the results of studies centered on micronutrients. Almost all diets fail, even professionally planned diets such as Atkins. One reason is that as dieters cut calories, they inadvertently cut micronutrients as well. Recent studies have shown just how important these micronutrients are to maintaining a healthy weight.

Shakeology has done what other diets have not; it has proven to be effective in a statistically significant manner, all while not resulting in micronutrient deficiencies like other popular diets. As a whole, Shakeology represents the most complete dietary aid on the market. Even when a supplement has everything, there are still downsides to consider. The flavors exceed normal expectations for diet food, and the recipes provided by BeachBody help to improve flavor and variety.

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