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Learn more about Amazon Prime. When you are on a weight gain diet a good way to consume more calories is to drink weight gain shakes. Why they have different package design like that? There was a problem filtering reviews right now. They said it really helped them on those days they just couldn't eat. I just finish a slow taper from benzodiazepines, and have lost a lot of weight in ten months of this stuff being in my body. This has little in common with the Ensure Liquid.

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He would not drink the volume that was prescribed, but he loved ice cream, and so I would mix up a batch of Ensure Powder with milk, and then freeze it into an "ice-milk" in a Cuisinart Pure Indulgence Ice Cream Maker, then top it with a little chocolate sauce, and that way I could get him to eat as much as he wanted. The nurses who came to do home visits and checkups were impressed with my inventiveness, and they were not even aware that Ensure came in a powder form.

So, if you are a caregiver for a loved one, and nutrition and fluids are a serious issue, then perhaps some of this advice will help you. Buy this with confidence! Received my order yesterday. Came in a box with air bubble wraps but container was 'dented. The container I suspect might have been older Believed contain though unsightly was intact and had a heck of time removing top likely because of damaged unit.

Made one glass, which surprisingly tasted good and dissolved well. Would ignore damaged unit but got sick about eight hours latter and had major gas attack and other GI distress Cannot conclusively state that the damaged unit was contaminated with something but have strong suspicions and will not use again. Have used Ensure occassionally for many years wo any problem and yesterday this was only new 'food' added to my bland diet. In retrospect, and I am guessing here based on practical experience, even without the smashed side I have not seen a food container of such shoddy character just one thin layer of uncoated cardboard since a kid or with pet foods.

The damaged container was not a ding but substantial - I did not detect any leakage but doubt this cheap material could tolerate any breach of its integrity. Label stated keep container is cool place Was not packaged by Amazon but by third party seller, whose box prominently displayed three large logos for diapers, so was also a tad embarrassing to receive from my UPS man, whom I know well.

Again I strongly suspect product was sold after expiration - could not find it due to damage of unit - as this really upset my GI tract for almost 16 hours plus, with GI symptoms which are uncommon for me - heartburn and gas. Had to take Pepto Bismol to get just a tad of sleep and pragmatically have used Pepto one bottle in like 10 years - do not get gas or have heartburn problems. Even Pepto did not eliminate problems and around dawn was chewing on antacids to calm stomach.

I would not buy this product again and caution others. So I needed to make sure I was still getting nutrients and something fairly healthy in me, even though I didn't really want to be eating. It was actually recommended by a friend who has also had mono years earlier.

They said it really helped them on those days they just couldn't eat. It's obviously a really good meal replacement. It's fill of vitamins and minerals. I bought this for my Dad. I tried other brands too but He definitely taste the difference. Other product similar like those rip offs by Walmart are too sweet, this one is just right to the taste, according to my dad: Definitely recommend this product.

Because it replace the heavy liquid ensure I purchased this product for my parents and they loved it. Because it replace the heavy liquid ensure and you can adjust the flavor as you wish. The powder can last about a month for my parents and you can mix it with milk, soy milk or just plan water depend how you like it.

It helps her get all the nutrition when she doesn't feel well. I was excited to see that this was an add on item since every other Ensure product has a high shipping fee. I noticed on the serving size that it was 7 servings when buying from the store it will come 6 in a pack and for the price it was worth it. The good reviews tempted me to buy it even more.

It came very fast in shipping but boy! It tastes and smell like baby formula! For a little bit a water you need a lot of powder to mix with and even with a lot of powder it still does not taste like the ensure out of the bottle.

It has a more watery taste to it. I really tried to give this product a chance but i hurried up and finished it so I could go to the store and get the value pack. Oh and btw- I paid 8. Good thing I bought it beforehand or I would have been upset.

It is convenient and can be made with water. Vitamins make me nauseous. This stuff is great! You can mix it with just water instead of requiring milk making it easier to grab on the go. I just put the recommended scoop in a cup and take it with me, since I know I can get water anywhere. Can also be made with milk but I try to limit my milk consumption.

This is the best way for me to make sure I am getting the nutrition my body needs with a busy lifestyle. The flavor is good. Much better then other drinks I have tried including slim fasts. One person found this helpful. Nice supplement, i drink this at the morning and in the night before sleep, good supplement, recommended for old people. See all reviews. See all customer images. Most recent customer reviews.

Published 4 months ago. Published 5 months ago. Published 6 months ago. Published 7 months ago. Published 8 months ago. Published 9 months ago. Allen Smalling Top Contributor: Published 10 months ago. Published 11 months ago. I have the same issue with keeping down whole milk and chocolate milk has worked equally well in the shakes for me. That way you could limit the extra weight gain, and cut back on the shakes if your feeling too flabby.

Please help me been trying the Ensure shakes and USN!! Also been eating good and still can pick up any weight!!! I put 8 ounces of this shake in covered cup in a bowl of ice on a table on the way to the bathroom to drink when I have to get up for a potty break at night. Secondary weight gain snack — google Joy of Cooking brownies recipe, use two sticks of butter and four eggs and triple the walnuts or pecans.

You might experiment with adding some whey powder??? I have been working out for about 3 years now. I just turned 30 on November 7th. Just to give you a better idea, when I started working out I was around lbs. Within 2 months I was able to pack on about 20 lbs and around the 6 month mark, I was around lbs.

It does not have to be big meals each time. The trick is to consistently pump in proteins and nutrients to your body every 2. So if you weigh lbs, you need to eat around grams of protein daily. I weigh 95 at best. Any advice I would like to weigh what I weighed out of boot camp but I dont have time to eat and work out like that. I have had as many as three of these a day while lifting weights. Far superior to any store-bought supplement. Dj Conrad- Please clarify…mass powder?

Do you mean protein whey powder? Thanks…new to this issue and your recipe sounds like something I can do. What I do is 2 Shakes a Day… 2 scoops of any mass gainers, not the whole serving, too mucho sugerencias. Add 2 cups of milk 2 Tbsp of Peanut Butter 1 cup of ice cream 1 banana add 2 oz of water This is close to — kcals per shake, taste is great cx. Thanks for the variety of recipes I really like the recipe 7 the best tastes like Starbucks strawberries and cream … Mmmmm.

Will the weight gain drinks work for me in my favor at all, with me having a very high metabolism????

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