What kind of bread is best for diabetics?

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Can have one three times a day with vetables and protein. My A1c has gone from 7. Thank you for all your great information! Ask them to cook you some hard boiled eggs to eat as snacks. All types Mary — the article includes some info on rye, barley and wheat. I was not a candy and dessert gal but because of the cholesterol issue I did eat pasta and bread and drank milk.

What Kind Of Bread Is Best For A Diabetic?

I thought it was pretty tasty, as did my family. I soaked the Veggetti in dishwater after I used it and then scrubbed it with a bottle brush, and it came clean. I didn't precook the zoodles before I used them, but I did salt them and let them drain on paper towels to get some of the moisture out of them for maybe an hour before I used them.

Again, they were easy to make and added a low-carb option to my diet. IowaKnitter, April 15, Super easy to use. I have only tried zuchinni so far. You cut the tip off and push in one end. Then turn like a pencil sharpener!. Great for pasta replacement. I did 2 zukes and it made a huge amount. Then I sauted with olive oil and a little butter, lots of garlic, a few red peppers. Denise, February 12, Elizabeth, June 15, Cuts zucchini easily, especially peeled. Potatoes a little harder but works.

Harder to clean - doesn't just rinse. Needs a veggie brush or clean toothbrush for thorough cleaning. Zucchini noodles worth cleaning effort however.

BaihuXue, September 10, Perfect for what I bought it for! Exactly what I wanted it to do!! SUPER easy to make zoodles! Diane, July 25, So easy to use! Great value for the money.

I have been eating pumpernickel bread. I figure the darker the better. Does this make sense? I worry about the study on eggs, I am a label reader and eggs are very high in cholesterol. I limit eggs to two a week. I do love eggs.

No, cholesterol in foods is not really a concern. Read this on eggs and this on cholesterol. Butter is preferable to most margarines — more on dairy here. And spreads such as nut butters peanut, almond, hazelnut are great. Hi Jedha, What an awesome site! My husband is in a hyperbaric chamber 5 days a week. Can you recommend some foods he could eat before?

He also eats a few apple slices. Happy 4th of July! Hi Sue, sorry to hear about your husbands struggles. Your husbands case is pretty unique and one where dietary exceptions may need to be made.

Elizabeth has some great tips on managing hypoglemia over here. I wonder if you might try a small portion of beans or lentils as a slow release carbohydrate source in this case? Thank you for these statistics, very helpful. Can you give me a breakdown on Irish Wheaten bread please.

I have eaten it in Ireland and now I can get it in the UK. Tastes great but is it high in carbs please. Hi Bob, the carb content per one slice is 14 grams. I am so glad I found your site and have found it to be very informative and helpful with the links provided to check out. My dad was diabetic taking insulin he never tested his sugar not sure why never asked.

She has swelling in feet and legs worse in the right she was told to go back to her kidney doctor within last few days. Maybe the endocrinologist would be better. My blood sugar at testing runs to Now my husband is borderline. So what do you think of that diet? Interested to hear your thoughts. The Mediterranean diet is a relatively healthy diet Sharon but it still contains many high carb foods that are problematic for diabetics and prediabetics — bread, pasta, rice, potatoes.

If you want to get better results you really need to cut down or cut out those foods — and of course processed foods filled with sugar etc. Check out this info on prediabetes , it might help.

I have give up on potatoes and ask For extra egg in the morning with toast and coffee black. I eat salad and vegetables when they are available but i think the cooks add sugar. I have a very small refrigerator in my truck good for drinks and sandwich stuff in case get stuck with no options like on a job site. Sometimes gone from home two months. Yes, it certainly can limit your options Henry.

But there are some ways around it, to help support your goals. You can eat meat, eggs, salad or vegetables anytime without the bun and you can always find that at truck stops yes, sometimes they only have carrots, pumpkin, lettuce and tomato, so you could eat more of those as a better option to bread. Ask them to cook you some hard boiled eggs to eat as snacks.

And if you can get to a grocery store on the odd occasion, there are a variety of easy meals you could prep. Now that you have done such a bang up job informing us on the low carb breads … could you do the same for breakfast cereals …. Hi Rhonda, you can find some info on cereals over here. Thanks for very interesting topic. I am 72 and my husband is We keep our blood sugar level low by eating less and by moderate walking.

We have just two wholemeal indian chapaties and lots of veg and lentils. Our advice is stop worrying but eat less to lead a long happy life. Have lost 40 lbs and lowered A1C from 8. Been looking into Paleo Diet options to lower carb intake, but am wondering if higher Protein intake would have a negative effect on My kidneys?

Here at Diabetes Meal Plans we encourage a lower carb paleo-type diet because research shows it works best for lowering blood sugar and A1C. And of course, you should always discuss your diet with your healthcare team because your choices will depend on any individual health concerns as well. I have been labeled as a Prediabetic for 8 years Now, i am currently With the genetic form of diabetes my family has, I will be considered type 1 within ten years.

My numbers have been fairly high lately so my Normal Practitioner told me to stick with a paleo diet. I eat organic, low carbs, no Preservatives, high fat and protein, some dairy and Lots of veggies. I recently bought Alvarado St. It is all organic, has 13 grams of net carbs and 7 grams of protein in a serving size of 2 slices. Since my doctor has not refilled my perscription for my medication to stabilize my blood sugar and ive seen a huge difference in my numbers and how i feel, i would love to know the gI of this Bread and if i should switch over.

As for pasta, what would be Your best recommendation for someone In my position? You can find out more about pasta here and here. The best rule is to stick to whole grain varieties in small portions. And watch your blood sugar. Dream fields makes a low carb pasta in several choices.

Can be bought in most walmarts, krogers, winn dixie Stores in the south. Beware of Dreamfields low carb pasta. The company has been frowned upon by many nutritionists, doctors and organizations for their marketing tactics but unfortunately they still sell it in such a way. Chompies no longer distributes via Sprouts. Sara Lee is next best re: For those of us who count calories, Ezekiel is twice the calories. For diabetics, a low carb flour is best Saba.

Hi jedha, I visited my doctor a week ago for my type 2 diabetes. My A1c went up. I eat oatmeal every morning, which is probably the culprit. What about steel oats cereal? Are the better to lower my A1c? Carbohydrates are the nutrient that influences blood sugar and A1C the most Sherrie, so you need to monitor your intake and identify the problem foods.

Oatmeal could definitely be one of them. Read this info over here on oatmeal. As for steel cut oats, no, they will not be any better.

They had a very similar carb content. You will probably also find this diet info useful. It had 6 carbs per slice and tastes like regular bread. I can eat a half slice for breakfast, a whole sandwich for lunch without raising my blood sugar levels. I do have to watch how much I eat later in the day. Bread is a staple we all enjoy but can easily be overdone! My number this am was 5. I recently had a medication allergy Lisinipril for hypertesion and it caused my tongue to swell to a gigantic portion which caused me hospitalization for two days which also resulted my blood sugar to increase to It was two and a half weeks ago and my morning glucose level is still I am following a diabetic diet.

Sorry to hear of your recent struggles Viola. You should speak to your doctor. I have and A1C of 8. During the past months my level of stress has been at a high level; does it could affect my Glucose and A1C levels? Sourdough is not necessarily the best option, though according to GI it is better.

But it is still high in carbs so stick to one slice only. In the end, only your monitor can tell you how different foods effect YOU. Yes, stress can increase blood sugar. All types Mary — the article includes some info on rye, barley and wheat. But it would equally apply to other high-carb flour-based breads. Please give the recipe and ingredients for a better bread for diabetics with coconut flour, almond flour, chickpeas flour, and flaxseed.

We do have a variety of bread recipes available for our VIP members and in future we may add a bread recipe to the blog. I have type 2 diabetes and have found spelt bread the best at keeping my sugar levels normal. Tried many others like flaxseed and rye which did not work well for me. If eating rice I found Brown rice the best and sweet potatoes rather than white. Better to graze through day than too big of meals.

Refer to the info above Mary for some options. He needs to look for a low carb bread. I was pounds and blood sugar was I started eating the paleo diet, eating only meat,fish,nuts,coconut milk low fat and vetables non starchey. Also no grains or dairy for me and walking every day. Never took meds or went to a doctor. Now I lost 20 pounds, blood sugar is to , feel great weight Now I think some people can eat brown rice, oatmeal, grains they cook themselves.

Thought I would share this if it helps someone. Here at Diabetes Meal Plans we virtually use a paleo diet. Our philosophy is based on a natural whole foods approach to lowering blood sugar because it works. However, making low carb bread is fine and choosing a bread is easier for some to manage, too.

Also, people have been processing food from wholefood ingredients for years, including making bread, without getting sick. There are a ton of additives and chemicals in food and it really is a disgrace. Good for you, but be careful, are still pre-diabetic numbers. One you fall through the Ice and are full blown Diabetic, it is a nightmare. Ask Doc about Metformin, inexpensive and will be helpful. Dietary and lifestyle changes can prevent the onset of diabetes.

Read more about Metformin here and preventing T2D onset here. When blood sugar drops dangerously low as your husbands case, you keep available OJ, Coke, sugar, honey, Glucose tablets Etc. It could have Been prevented. Diet is certainly a big factor on preventing the onset of diabetes. But other factors, Genetics etc. Contrary to some statements, sadly once you have the disease, it is NOT Reversible by diet or medicine, you just maintain it at a normal level. But while it is not reversible from a diagnostic standpoint, it IS reversible from a physiological standpoint.

People can reverse every single symptom, eliminate medication and live a normal life. Since diabetes is a hormonal and physiological condition, the disease is not cured but reversed. Buy coconut flour you can also order it on line. I make bread with it but simple coconut flour pancakes taste like bread. I mix coconut flour, egg,nutmeg, or cinnamon, you can add milk,and they taste like bread.

Can have one three times a day with vetables and protein. Keep blood pressure and blood sugar level low for me. Hi Jedha, I was diagnosed with type 2 a couple of years ago. My A1C had a high of 9. I am now down to 9.

I have started to exercise and have lost pounds. My question is there are days that I eat very healthy, oat meal for breakfast with a tablespoon of brown sugar, lunch I will have a salad bar and for dinner a hamburger patty with green beans and cottage cheese. When I do eat a sandwich it is with pumpernickel bread, I have even changed my diet to having very little salt, no soda not even diet. My God I have even started eating fish and turkey which neither is my choice.

I am knocking on 60 and I want to lower all of my levels. Oatmeal and brown sugar all carbs!! Pumpernickel bread high in carbs. Try swapping out high carb foods for more fiber rich vegetables. Also, what about stress and sleep?

Those can influence levels too. So oatmeal for breakfast is not good for t2 diabetics? What do you recommend then? Oats and most other grains are high in carbs and can make it a struggle to regulate blood sugar levels. We have some info on oatmeal here Elle. And a few breakfast ideas here. I have been told rye bread and sourdough is OK for pre diabetes.

My A1C is 6. I am finding it difficult to find something on how many carbs are recommended. Hi Carolyn, All the info on bread is laid out for you above. You might find this post on how to lower blood sugar interesting, and this one on carbs. Plus I love bread with a runny over easy egg on top, smeared with grass fed butter in the morning — the best!!

I am reversing my type 2 diabetes by cutting carbs — you can do it to!! This site is great for people who have been told so much bad science and misinformation probably from their doctor!! The insulin is the cause of the disease!! Lower your carbs drastically and you will be healed naturally!! I tried for my 15 years old orange juice for breakfast in the morning instead of milk.

Stopped giving her rice only one time she was taking for lunch and put her on brown kaboos. To my surprise today she said she even stopped taking her regular meds for the past two days. I was little worried so checked her fasting sugar and found it is in the morning. All this within 3 days. She takes insulin at night 15 units. I need to check on that as well. I have noticed brown bread never elavated her sugar levels. It may also be a good idea to consult with her doctor or health care team about the meds and insulin.

You should discuss the dietary changes and share her blood glucose results in case they need to make any changes. I messaged her doc last night about her meds and insulin because last evening her sugar was that is because I had told her to have rice for lunch and see how her sugar was rising. After her workout, before dinner at 8. Can someone believe this! Her doctor said avoid rice completely and continue only with night time 15 units Lantus.

Today her sugar was before breakfast. I got the trick now. We will keep a close watch on her sugar levels and perhaps stop lantus if required. Clara I am prediabetic and have been monitoring how exercise affects my blood sugar levels.

Whole Wheat & Rye Bread and Diabetes