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The raspberry ketones have been experimentally proven to facilitate the weight loss process. Your time is valuable. Comes with power watt of Anthony January 1, at They include the healthy fats, proteins, and fibers. Also, be careful not to pack the cup full with the other ingredients. Using the Bullet , you can either pulse it or lock it down and it can keep running smoothly.

Healthy NutriBullet Recipes for Weight Loss

These fruits in addition to other ingredients, like Greek yogurt and vanilla extract will make you fall in love with the taste and benefits of this smoothie. Strawberries and blueberries increase the micronutrient and fiber content of the smoothie and make it capable of fighting the intoxicants in the body to regulate the gut functioning.

The recipe gives a boost to the weight loss process and takes your body a few steps closer to the healthy being. The clinical study of various berries emphasizes the fact that they are rich in water content along with the fibers.

Besides this, they are also one of the best suppliers of antioxidants, like vitamin C and vitamin E, thus making them potent options to combat the free radicals present in the body This NutriBullet recipe not only aids the weight loss but also acts as an incredible detox option. In addition to this, it also promotes a healthy and problem free skin. Recipe Source — Hairspray and Highheels. This smoothie made from the natural ingredients, such as kale, romaine, cucumber, parsley, celery, and green grapes is a perfect blend of sweet and sour that helps your body in many different ways.

While we are already aware of the lavish benefits offered by kale, cucumber, and parsley, it is also worth noting that the newly introduced ingredients are no way less in comparison. Celery is an excellent source of antioxidants, like vitamin C in addition to fibers, potassium, folate, manganese, calcium, vitamin A and iron along with many others These nutrients are known for promoting weight loss by detoxifying the system.

Besides this, the romaine is also generally one of the ingredients in the weight loss regimen and recipes owing to its corresponding value as an exceptional source of vitamin A, and vitamin C Recipe Source — The Honour System. This perfect combination of a fruit and a vegetable serves as a superb option to consume as a breakfast beverage. This smoothie not only combines the ingredients falling into various categories but also gets its richness from the blend of taste.

While kale is bitter in taste, the fruity taste of kiwi and banana suppresses it with their tangy and sweet combination.

The weight loss potential of the healthy NutriBullet smoothie is enhanced with the presence of kiwi and kale, which are among the most abundant sources of vitamin C. This not only helps you reduce your weight by eliminating the free radicals but also makes sure that you remain away from the ailments by enhancing your immune system. The addition of the coconut water fulfills the energy requirement of your body and helps you come out as a dynamic personality.

Recipe Source — Paleo Grubs. This yet another green smoothie that includes the superb weight reducing ingredient known as Kale in combination with two fruits — Banana and Apple. As we know, these components serve as great detoxifying agents, and there is no doubt if the smoothie actually works or not. The principle of this recipe is quite simple; the removal of toxins allows the body to burn some fat to reduce weight.

Recipe Source — Belle of the Kitchen. The next on our list of NutriBullet recipes for Weight loss is the smoothie that uses chia seeds in addition to the components we have already mentioned in some of the recipes.

Some of them include spinach, kale, cucumber, apple, and lemons. While we have used chia seeds in various other smoothie recipes too, its time to combine them as the principal ingredient in this recipe. Chia seeds are one of those miracle ingredients which can be utilized amazingly to lose weight.

And, the same has also been clinically tested for the purpose. They are one of the richest available sources of calcium, iron, and magnesium. The quantity of as small as one tablespoon is capable of fulfilling 7 to 9 percent of the mineral requirement of your body. In addition to this, it is a fabulous source of insoluble fibers and empowers itself to form a gel-like structure when it comes in contact with water, adding bulk to the stools and helping the body detoxify readily.

Not only this, but the same property of chia seeds also keeps your body full for a reasonable amount of time, thus reducing the calorie intake by affecting the appetite 32 , 33 , One serving of this zero cholesterol smoothie serves you with Recipe Source — ifoodreal. A perfect breakfast addition to your diet, this smoothie has the richness of everything that you need to lead an energetic day ahead.

Not only it has a peculiar taste where the fruits suppress the bitterness of kale, but it also ensures that you feel full for a more extended period. One of the best aspects of this smoothie is the presence of mangoes, which have a thermogenic effect when consumed.

This is the reason that mangoes are powerful enough to increase the core temperature of a human body, causing more combustion of the fat contents. It also checks the secretion of the hormone known as leptin and decreases the appetite resulting in a decrease in the feeling of hunger for a more lengthened period. In addition to mangoes and kale, this smoothie also contains peaches. Peach fruit is known for its rich fiber content and helps your body to remain satiated for an extended time, reducing hunger.

How about a smoothie that has a touch of healthy fat? This is what we will get from this smoothie recipe —. The shake is loaded with some considerable amount of native starch in the form of bananas that immensely help to regulate the increasing weight.

The reason is that it is rich in proteins and antioxidants along with high fiber content that accelerates the metabolism and enables you to aid the process of digestion. Besides this, it is also one of the fruits that have a low glycemic index, which assists the body to get rid of some unnecessary fat.

Another wonder ingredient of this smoothie is peanut butter. While half of you might disagree, but peanut butter can actually work wonders when it comes to weight loss. It makes your body to stay glutted for a long time, in turn helping you to cut the overall calorie intake throughout the day.

Also, it makes the body to get rid of the saturated fat and promotes the monosaturated and polyunsaturated fats in the body. A large cup of this smoothie provides you with calories, 18 grams of protein, 40 grams of carbohydrates, 3 grams of fiber, 32 grams of sugar, The recipe is not suitable for the diabetes patients as it aids the rise in sugar levels in the blood.

Detoxification seems to be one of the excellent solutions for the problem of weight gain. And what happens when we combine the strategy with an active ingredient that has been recognized for its potential to reduce weight, like, avocado? A diet containing a medium-sized avocado supplies your body with a diverse range of ingredients including vitamin A, vitamin C, vitamin K, magnesium, and potassium.

This way, it helps your body to remain hydrated and also aids better detoxification and better support to the weight loss process Some of the other ingredients that this smoothie comprises of, include spinach and apples.

These have been scientifically proven for their weight reducing and health-boosting properties. Chopped Spinach Leaves — 2 cups without stems. You can also opt for using Kale Leaves instead. For those who are unaware of matcha tea, it is a powdered form of green tea.

And similar to the green tea, this kind of tea is also a miracle ingredient that boosts the process of weight loss. It has the highest concentration of EGCG that helps the consumer as a catalyst to burn the fat and discourage the build-up of new fat cells. It helps the body to function more energetically.

Besides this, the catechins in the tea promote more calorie consumption during the active workout, hence helping you to get the most out of it. Other ingredients of the smoothie such as pears and spinach increase the fiber and vitamin contents in the smoothie. The protein powder enables the body to remain satiated for a longer duration of time. A large cup of this smoothie helps your body to gain calories, 7. Recipe Source — Daily Burn. Next is the watermelon smoothie. After all, it is something that helps us getting relief from the long tiring summer days and keeps our bodies hydrated to beat the heat.

Well, not only the fruit and its juice is useful, but you can also make a smoothie from watermelon. This smoothie possesses some refreshing effects in addition to being a weight loss option. It seems a perfect combination of health and stimulating experience. Watermelon is an astounding alternative for the ones who are seeking a healthy option with good taste.

Containing only 30 calories in grams, it gives you a diet that is free of cholesterol and negligible fat content. Besides this, it is also enriched with vitamin A, vitamin C, vitamin B6, and thiamine. Recipe Source — Stylevast. Pineapple can be a fabulous partner in your journey to a fit and healthy body. This rich and fleshy tropical fruit is a storehouse of many nutrients that have health-boosting effects on the body. Some of these nutrients include copper, vitamin B6, vitamin B1, folate, and pantothenic acid.

In addition to these, pineapple is one of the richest sources of vitamin C, manganese, and fiber. These nutrients help the body to get rid of the intoxicants that form the barrier in the path of weight management and weight loss. It also accelerates the digestive tract that enhances the metabolism.

Which, in turn, empowers the body to burn more calories stopping the formation of fat cells. In addition to this, the rich water content of the fruit helps the body to stay hydrated and keeps your body full for a longer duration of time. It keeps the appetite curbed and regulates many calories that you consume daily.

A large cup of this smoothie is enriched with calories, 1 gram of fiber, 30 grams of carbohydrates, 9 grams of proteins, 29 grams of sugar, 14 grams of fat, 1. This smoothie is prepared using two unique ingredients that prove magical when it comes to the weight loss process. You can combine banana and pineapple in multiple ways to reach a fruitful result, thus the first version of the smoothie. While the rich source of water in the form of pineapple helps you to remain satiated and hydrated, banana provides you with the native starch that supports weight management and weight loss.

Besides this, bananas also help your body to overcome inflammation and cope up with the digestion problems. Also, bananas are one of the low-calorie foods and high in the proteins that help your body to cut the calorie consumption, that too with very less amount of fat. In addition to pineapple and banana, this smoothie also uses apple and spinach that in turn add to its effectiveness.

Well, this is how you can combine banana and pineapple into a nutrient-rich smoothie along with some other ingredients to fulfill your wish of getting fit. Besides using pineapple and bananas that help you remain full for an elongated period during the day, this smoothie also uses some other ingredients that have proven weight loss benefits. These include yogurt and brown sugar, which helps you to enjoy a sweeter taste in lesser sugar content as compared to the white alternate.

A large cup of this smoothie is potent enough to supply you with calories, 2. Recipe Source — Cabot. Another option that we can consider as a weapon in our fight against extra weight is the orange and pumpkin smoothie that also has a hint of cinnamon. Every ingredient of the smoothie has its proven benefits when it comes to weight loss. For instance, orange juice is one of the richest sources of vitamin C. This nutrient helps the body to get rid of free radicals or toxins present within.

It is also generally prescribed as a part of weight loss diet owing to the lesser amount of calories it has. Pumpkin also serves as a low calorie and high fiber alternate as compared to the other vegetables. It thus helps your body by increasing the fiber content in your diet that aids the process of digestion and detoxification. These properties make it one of the vegetables that can stimulate the weight loss process when combined with active workout.

A large cup of this smoothie helps you attain calories, 3 grams of total fat, 1. The first thing that you need to abandon to lose weight is — the sugar-rich eatables. One such product is chocolates, which is also one of the most loved product.

Well, going against the trend we are now combining chocolates with several other ingredients to prepare a phenomenal weight loss beverage. The chocolate soy milk in addition to the Greek yogurt present in the smoothie will help you overcome your food craving by keeping you full. Not only this, but they also help you fulfill the calcium requirements of your body. This smoothie also contains spinach that supplies your body with excellent fiber content along with vitamin B.

This recipe also includes constituents such as avocados that help your body gain some healthy form of fats. So, now you can relish the taste of chocolates while ensuring that you do not go beyond the limits that cause you to gain weight. You can also add some chopped cashews and chocolate chips for garnishing, to enhance the appearance of this healthy smoothie. One large cup of this zero cholesterol smoothie is enough to gain calories, Fruits always happen to be among the most abundant sources of nutrients that nature has blessed us.

The smoothie that we are talking about is the one that has blended a wide range of fruits to form an incredible weight loss concoction. This smoothie works on the fundamental principle that aims at supplying the body with the required amount of fibers. It also contains a generous amount of proteins which not only helps you to feel full but also caters to the demands of your muscles, especially when you also have active workout added to your daily regime. You can also add some more components like swiss chard, arugula, or romaine to this smoothie, to make it taste better.

A diet rich in protein has a lot to offer you, especially if you are someone who is looking for the solutions to lose some extra weight. Many researches and clinical studies have contributed to the belief that proteins ensure a faster weight loss process in comparison to other alternatives. Since proteins take more time to digest, they keep you full, thus suppressing the appetite and helping you by decreasing the food cravings. Besides this, it takes up more energy for the body to digest, which helps with the rapid fat oxidation and consumption of more calories 37 , 38 , In addition to all these benefits, The protein-rich smoothie also improves your metabolism.

A large cup of this zero cholesterol smoothie supplies your body with calories, Keeping your body hydrated also works wonders if you are on the journey to reach the ideal weight. It is mainly because higher hydration levels help your body by reducing your appetite, increasing the Lipolysis.

It also aids metabolism which has been widely recognized to assist the process of weight loss. It has been justified several times during the research performed on the rodents to determine the effectiveness of adequate hydration on the body weight.

The result showed that keeping the body hydrated helps it to lose weight or the weight loss process speeds up due to the same The smoothie is made using some of the tropical ingredients that contain an abundant amount of water. The primary function of this smoothie to keep the human body hydrated, which in turn supports to achieve your weight loss aim.

Coconut Water — 1 cup chilled. You can also use a combination of 4 coconut water ice cubes and half a cup of chilled coconut water. A large cup of this smoothie helps your body to gain calories, 0. While many of the searchers recognize kale as one of the most effective ingredients that aid weight loss, this is another smoothie that helps you leverage its benefits.

Pineapple has the presence of an enzyme called bromelain , which assists the body to digest protein. This smoothie also combines the advantages of some other ingredients that benefit your body in several ways to reach your weight loss goal, in addition to adding a flavor to the drink.

A large glass of this wondrous beverage helps your body to gain calories, A perfect weight loss smoothie that combines sweet and sour ingredients to form a great blend of flavors. The smoothie also uses some of the other ingredients, like spinach, tofu, soy milk, etc. This smoothie is also loaded with the richness of almond butter, which is one of the richest sources of riboflavin , magnesium, and manganese.

This nut butter is very beneficial for helping the body maintain a healthy metabolism. A large bowl of this zero cholesterol smoothie is enriched with calories, Moreover, you can be more prone to the risks associated with the cardiac problems.

With this smoothie, we are just increasing your intake of healthy fats that include monounsaturated fats. The foods that are rich in the healthy fats can be a fantastic choice for the people who contain saturated or the trans fat. Besides being a helping hand in the process of weight gain, they also empower your body with an increased amount of good cholesterol HDL and decreasing the bad cholesterol LDL.

Which, in turn, keeps the heart safe from the diseases 41 , Consumption of healthy fats helps you stay full for a long duration of time since they take more time to digest. However, even though it can prove to be a healthier alternative in comparison to the unhealthy fats, you must keep the consumption within specified limits.

This cholesterol-free smoothie contains calories, Another healthy treat to bring life to your taste buds, in addition to the healthful benefits. This recipe is for the chocolate lovers, which allows them to continue their weight loss process, without compromising on the taste.

It is prepared using the ingredients such as tofu, banana, spinach, soy milk, etc. This chocolate smoothie helps you gain enough protein for your body. That is why it keeps you satiated for long and hence cut on the total calorie intake throughout the day. Moreover, since proteins take longer to digest, they consume a lot of energy and burn more calories and fats, as compared to other alternatives.

It is also one of those beverages that boost up your metabolism. It is a zero cholesterol smoothie which enriches you with calories, It is a well-established fact that the best time to consume protein-rich diet is in the morning. Not only this, researchers have thrown light on the effectiveness of protein-rich breakfast to lose weight.

They concluded that higher protein intake in the breakfast decreases the frequency of evening snacking habit. Thus, a breakfast which is rich in proteins is associated with enhanced satiety, reduced food cravings and an improved quality of diet, especially for the obese and overweight consumers Let us explain how this protein-rich smoothie will help you to lose your weight.

Besides this, it is also loaded with the benefits of blueberries that contain an unusual amount of phytochemicals, which are very fruitful to reduce the inches around the belly. It also includes an immeasurable amount of dietary fibers, vitamin C, and potassium. The smoothie also combines psyllium seed husk and flaxseed oil. While the former is a transcendent source of dietary fibers, the later one deals with the appetite by assisting to reduce it, burning the fat owing to its thermogenic effects.

It enhances the metabolic system, and control the blood glucose levels. A smoothie made out of the combination of apples and strawberries, which can also be of great help if you are striving hard to lose weight. The apples make the smoothie rich in the nondigestible yet beneficial compounds, like fibers and polyphenols. Experimental studies have shown that polyphenols have several health-boosting properties that exhibit the weight gain.

Besides this, apples also contain plenty of antioxidants. Alongside apples, strawberries also give a noticeable boost to your weight loss process. They help the body to increase the secretion of hormones that accelerate the metabolic system and also keep you satiated. Transfer all the contents to the NutriBullet blender after chopping the apple and banana into pieces. Recipe Source — Personal Growth. The mix of Avocado and Spinach along with other useful ingredients, like banana, peanut butter, and soy milk makes it as healthy as a smoothie can get.

Avocados contain healthy monounsaturated fats known as MUFA. Clinical studies suggest that these fatty acids help the body to absorb the fat-soluble nutrients from the consumed food It also ensures that the person feels satiated and does not crave for food or snacks for a long duration of time.

It also helps the body to reduce the cholesterol levels and acts as a significant boost to the fat burning process. The peanut butter, when mixed with spinach, provide a lift to the weight loss process.

Acorn squash is an excellent aid if you want to enhance your immunity against the diverse range of health problems. This rich supplier of vitamin C and vitamin A to your body is incredible for your skin and helps you through its anti-aging benefits. Its richness in the fiber content explains why it acts as a fantastic option to cure digestion related problems It also helps to regulate the levels of blood glucose.

If you want to incorporate this super ingredient into your diet, then we have an exceptional option for you in the form of a NutriBullet hot soup recipe. It is one of those options from the list of NutriBullet recipes which gives our vegetarian friends a weight reducer diet.

This NutriBullet soup recipe consumes very less time in making and fills up your ambiance with a mouthwatering aroma. The acorn squash soup can be served along with a salad and can prove to be a great appetizer. In addition to this, you can relish its astounding taste to curb your mid-meal cravings for a healthier snacking time.

You can also use low fat or any other substitute for milk of your choice. The soup is enriched with 34 calories, 0. Recipe Source — Blender Babes. Low glycemic index is the key that opens one of the doors which take you closer to a fit and healthy body.

It is something that does not let you gain weight and helps you through the process in case you are striving to lose some. We can also combine some of the low glycemic ingredients to form a smoothie and leverage their benefits. And, all this without compromising with the taste.

A large cup of this smoothie helps you gain Consumption of food sources that are rich in vitamin C ensures a healthy body with a managed weight. It is because these resources are among the category of antioxidants that amazingly help the body to get rid of the barriers that cause hindrance in the process of weight loss. The restrictions are mainly in the form of free radicals and toxins.

They also lend a helping hand to boost your immune system. However, it must also be ensured that the consumption should not go beyond the recommended limits. Well, every one of you might be aware that the best sources of vitamin C happen to be citrus fruits, like oranges, Indian gooseberry, lemons, etc. However, you can only eat them one at a time. But this recipe here allows you to combine many of them to form a smoothie and leverage their benefits.

A large cup of this tangy smoothie helps you gain Here is another fabulous green smoothie that serves you with an incredible combination of taste and health. The smoothie is made from some of the wondrous health boosting agents that help you to maintain a fit and active body.

The mint present in the smoothie provides you the benefits of a palate cleanser, which also ensures an efficient digestive system. One of the other ingredients in this smoothie is — avocado, which is one of the dominant sources of proteins.

Proteins help us stay full for a long duration of time and allow us to reduce the calorie intake throughout the day. Besides the constituents mentioned above, this smoothie also comprises of another rich ingredient, known as chlorella. Studies suggest that apart from helping the body to fight inflammation, it also aids the immune system.

Put the ingredients other than liquid in first and then add liquid until the liquid reaches the fill line. The amount can vary based on the the amount and type of other ingredients. Also, be careful not to pack the cup full with the other ingredients. That can lead to the cup leaking when it blends. I especially like that you can prep a bunch of individual portions in advance with the single serve containers. I just wake up, blend and go. If you drink it before a workout, I would recommend adding something with a bit of protien.

I have a new Nutribullet. I am still on my learning curve. I notice that the book that comes with the Nutribullet suggests a number of boosts including nuts. The nuts though do not include pecan nuts, hazel nuts, pistachio and Brazil nuts are mentioned in only one recipe.

Are walnuts, almonds and cashews the only nuts you should be using and eating? Personally, I like to use both pistachio and hazelnuts quite a bit. It is best to use unsalted nuts. Salted ones tend to create a salty smoothie. Just made my first green smoothie using this recipe.

Only I tried to halve it because my blender only goes up to 5 cups. Forgot to halve the lemon so it is quite lemony but tastier than I had imagined. When using bananas or kiwi fruit do I need to peel them first.

That is a personal preference though. Hi I have just been diagnosed with diabetes and am a bit lost, what would you recommend in the smoothie range or any juice range to help with exercise and weight loss, any advice would be great.

With diabetes, look for smoothies that focus on protein and vegetables. Green smoothies are great. Ask your doctor for guidelines on the amount of fruit you can have. Diet and weightless is often the easiest when kept simple. Eat whole, fresh food, avoiding sugar and grains. Get moving, whether it be by walking or biking or swimming.

Anything that gets your heart rate up. Exercise is one of the best things you can do! My uncle was diagnosed with it too but managed to completely beat it and is no longer diabetic. If you are serious about beating it, please do the following:. No sugars — they are everywhere so please read labels. Home made is best — avoid processed, avoid eating out. Lots of green veg and green smoothies avoiding fruit as much as you can. Healthy lifestyle — walk as much as you can, play sports.

Faith — Trust in God and believe that He will help you, ask Him for help, pray with sincerity, and dont allow difficult situations to stress you out. Avoid stressors whenever possible. Fasting — try fasting from dawn to sunset twice a week Mondays and Thursdays work best.

This means no eating or drinking, not even water. Your body has a lot to deal with, and needs that time to detox; if you eat, it gets busy trying to digest the food, and doesnt even get to the detox stage.

So give your body a break twice a week by fasting. Charity — the more we give, the more we get back. Give money to the poor, give time to whomever needs it, volunteer for a charity, connect with neighbours, get in touch with relatives and family youve lost touch with. Just got Nutribullet rx I had a juicer before do you cut fruit and veg into small pieces and is there a programme to show how to use and clean Nutribullet.

I normally just cut fruit into large chunks. For cleaning, the cup is dishwasher safe. I hand clean my blades. You can clean the base by running water on it, but do not submerge it. Hi, I tend to use frozen fruit and vegetables in my smoothies, what would 2 spears of pineapple be in frozen chunks?

About six to eight chunks or so. I would just toss in a handful and call it good. Your email address will not be published. Protein Power Booster Nutribullet Blast. Autumn Harvest Fruit Smoothie. Laura Hawkins November 17, at 3: Anthony January 1, at I just got my nutribullet I need some weight loss recipes. Vanessa whitley October 3, at I need some healthy weight loss recipes please for my nutrition Billie.

I need some haelthy recipes for weight loss. Castro December 28, at 3: Carleen January 1, at Tansy January 2, at Carleen January 3, at 9: Margaret March 17, at Thanks for the great answer…. Melissa July 7, at 2: Carleen July 7, at 4: Michele Allison January 8, at 7: I dont like the taste of Soy milk or Almond milk what else can I substitute them for? Carleen January 8, at 8: Carleen March 25, at 8: Ilona Krivda-Hill January 16, at Carleen January 16, at 6: Kelli February 3, at Will February 15, at 3:

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