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With the invention of LCD and Plasma displays, some menus have moved from a static printed model to one which can change dynamically. We are pleased to announce that we will be opening our next restaurant in Worthing, West Sussex. Quel ragazzo è venuto da noi varie volte e si è sempre comportato bene. Visita il forum Italiano-Inglese. Some platforms support the ability allow local operators to control their own pricing while the design aesthetic is controlled by the corporate entity.

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Could you help me roll this pastry? I hear you're a dab hand in the kitchen. Mi aiuti a stendere questa sfoglia? Mi hanno detto che sei una maga in cucina. My sister's coming to put up some shelves for me. She's a dab hand at DIY.

Mia sorella verrà a montarmi alcuni scaffali: Can you please bring me back a dozen or so eggs from the grocery store? US, informal, figurative amount: Gli Stati Uniti devono sviluppare di nuovo le ferrovie per il trasporto passeggeri; i fondi per l'Amtrak sono una goccia nel mare. US, informal, figurative [sth]: UK, figurative, informal amount: The money I give to charity is a drop in the ocean compared to some people. I soldi che do in beneficenza io sono una goccia nel mare rispetto ad altre persone.

UK, figurative, informal [sth]: UK, slang, dated money: Ho dato due soldi al bambino dei vicini che mi ha aiutato a lavare la macchina. Quel ragazzo è venuto da noi varie volte e si è sempre comportato bene. The lies we told got us into a fine mess when everyone found out the truth. Now you've done it. Look at the fine mess you've gotten us into. Le bugie che avevamo raccontato ci hanno messo in un bel casino quando è saltata fuori la verità. Adesso che l'hai fatto guarda in che bel casino ci hai messi.

Although a fantastic football player, he was a fish out of water on the golf course. Nonostante sia un calciatore fantastico, era un pesce fuor d'acqua sul campo da golf. A friend in need is a friend indeed. When I was sick you certainly proved the old saying, "A friend in need is a friend indeed.

Quando stavo male hai sicuramente dimostrato il vecchio proverbio: I hope you like spicy food, because I added a good deal of fresh jalapeño. Spero che ti piaccia il piccante, perché ho messo un bel po' di peperoncino.

Her presidential campaign had a great deal of success at the local level. La sua campagna presidenziale ha avuto molto successo a livello locale. I put a great deal of effort into this project, and I was really offended when management ignored it. Ho dedicato un notevole impegno a questo progetto e ci sono rimasto molto male quando la direzione l'ha ignorato.

Quando si arrabbia dice un sacco di parolacce, alla maniera di Gordon Ramsay. A level n noun: UK, often plural Advanced level: Nel Regno Unito il "GCE Advanced", detto "A level", è un tipo di diploma di scuola secondaria necessario per l'iscrizione alle università. È stato bocciato all'esame di maturità di livello avanzato e non è potuto andare all'università. She was a little angry with me. The doctor says your blood pressure is a little high. Era un po' arrabbiata con me. Pan fried cod, roasted with a creamy leek dauphinoise potato, sauteed spinach with a lemon cream sauce.

Rigatoni pasta with torn slow roasted chicken, salami picante, smoked pancetta cooked in our rich tomato sauce. The Lunch and Early Dinner menu offers great value choices at fixed prices. Valid on Monday to Saturday, 12pm until 6pm. New every day, Aqua's brunch. A 2 hour time limit applies and some sites licenses vary on sale of alcohol. Please be aware to let your server know you are gluten free or have any other allergies as some of the items on this menu need to be amended in the kitchen in order to cater for you.

Pan fried roasted cod with a creamy leek dauphinoise potato, sauteed spinach with a lemon cream sauce. Download our A La Carte menu. Aqua continues to operate a combined tipping policy. There are many forms of handling cash tips in restaurants and we have chosen our policy because we feel it is the fairest system out there. Our staff enjoy working with this system as they get to see the end result at the end of their shift, not only that but it is a great way of showing them that their guests have had a great time.

At no point do the waiters or waitresses wages suffer or do we at any point make up their wages with the cash tips received.

As a business we work extremely hard to develop our great teams and earn the loyalty and trust from our employees. We discuss in great detail our policy with anyone joining the company to ensure that we are transparent, open and fair with them. It is written in our employment contracts, starter packs and explained before anyone joins the company. Our tipping policy is proven and perfectly legal. We have had professional advice from a number of employment law solicitors and HR professionals as well as being checked and sanctioned by the tax authorities.

We have spoken to all employees to make sure they are happy and comfortable with our policy. The positivity and loyalty that came from our employees just shows that we have wonderful teams. Aqua started as a local business within Bristol in and we still hold the same core family values to heart. We work with local communities and support our teams to get the best out of employees.

We will continue to grow our business and deliver great food and service throughout our restaurants. Our aim is to ensure that you have a memorable experience, with impeccable service and great food. Aqua has open kitchens in all of its restaurants to create that sense of theatre. All of our food is fresh and freshly prepared to create those wonderful Italian flavours day-in day-out.

We like to use the best of produce so that our guests can experience the best of creations. We source all of our cured meats and Italian produce from Italy and use our local suppliers for all of our butchery, fish and veg requirements.

We like to produce menus that are unique and produce dishes that you would not necessarily cook at home.

These are our point of difference items that we continually work on to produce flavours that excite the senses. Being Italian, we like to use a range of big bold flavours. Aqua is a wonderful neighbourhood restaurant where you can pop in at any time. Our menus cater for every occasion, whatever your appetite. Pop in for a chat with friends over coffee, or enjoy some of our lighter bites. You are welcome to enjoy our relaxing and stylish interiors all day.

Founded in Bristol in , Aqua has grown and evolved over the years but remains a great independent, local Italian restaurant. This has been our motto from day one. Our first restaurant on the waterfront, Welshback in Bristol, is a great success of ours. It still remains at the top of the listings in Bristol and offers unique dining over the waterfront.

It has a great city centre location and is perfect for all occasions. The light and stylish restaurant and bar opens onto the riverside piazza. In Aqua went on to open its second restaurant in Bath. A beautifully restored church house, this restaurant offers magnificent dining experiences from the moment you walk through the door.

Based in the city centre of Bath, it offers locals affordable dining on their doorstep. Our restaurant on Whiteladies road was opened in Bristol in , following the successful opening of the restaurant in Bath. A grade II listed building that has been wonderfully restored to create a warm and inviting dining experience with high ceilings and dramatic architecture.

Milton Keynes is a superb building that is spread across three floors and offers intimate, relaxed dining. Our Portishead restaurant sits right on the marina and has a fantastic piazza for those long summer days — you can just sit and unwind with a drink of your choice watching the sun go down. Inside the restaurant is light and airy with great views of the marina.

More recently we opened our restaurants in Lewes and Worthing, both occupying wonderful buildings and having been beautiful designed and restored to Aqua's famous stylish interiors creating wonderful dining experiences. All of our restaurants have their own individual character. We encourage our teams to stamp their own mark on their restaurants and build their own relationships with their guests with our guidance along the way.

Without our talented and professional team we would not be able to do what we do today. We all like to work together as a family and this has stood us in good stead over the years as we have grown internally and externally. You need a great support network within to help you grow your restaurants and this is what Aqua has today. We work very closely with all of our team members to help develop them as individuals so that Aqua can operate as a successful restaurant.

We provide great training for all of our team, which in turn helps us achieve what we want to deliver.

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