How to Reduce the Damaging Effects of PCOS on Fertility Through Diet and Herbs

How to lose weight with PCOS

How to Lose Weight with PCOS
Then I had a doctor tell me that If I wanted to loose weight I should give up refined sugar. Let's work out what the best diet for PCOS looks like and why — including some strategies that may surprise you. I wish you the best! I have pcos dr gave me metformin and I want to be pregnant. I am also supplementing with natural progesterone and eating a fertility diet to help raise those levels up. Also which of your fertility products would best suit my condition, some guidance before purchase would be appreciated.

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PCOS — Polycystic Ovarian Syndrome

Hang in there, you're not alone! I spent a couple years on keto, eating almost exactly calories a day. I started at lbs and within 6 months I was down to lbs. My body rebelled against me. I started getting my period every second week. They came on hard and fast with plenty of bleeding and pain. I ended up in the ER and to my GP a bunch of times because the pain was so bad. I just got told the same thing every time: I measured and weighed everything I ate and used My Fitness Pal to track it.

I started getting constantly sick. Like easily catching colds and other bugs. I'd be so sick, I would sometimes not eat for days. It defied everything I had ever read or had been told. Calories in, calories out. How the hell is that even possible? I was told to go below calories a day.

That was the point in which I gave up. I got no help for anything. So fine if they didn't believe me that I was properly tracking my every movement. But I had visible symptoms of something being wrong and I was just told to lose more weight. Nothing for pain, no advice on what I should do different, or god forbid, help for the depression I was suffering from all of this.

So now I'm back to eating 1, to 1, calories and back up to lbs. I'm not sick so often, my period has regulated, but I hate myself more than ever. I feel both like a failure and that there is no help. I'm in the same exact boat. What the heck is wrong with us? Now I switched to a low carb version of weight watchers. Lost 2 lbs first week and am up 2 lbs this week following strictly and exercised 5 days this week for 45 mjniytws to an hour each time.

What more can we do?? Try intermittent fasting 8 hours window eating and 16 hours fast and do the ketogenic diet meaning you carb intake is from vegetables less than 30 g of carbs a day but you can eat healthy fats. It helped me a lot. Do you recommend any apps that would help with calculations or food choices? I've noticed that there are a few pcos apps. Hi my names is Emily I'm 20 years old was diagnosed with endometreois 2 years ago and have just been diagnosed with pcos.

I have tried every diet in the book and even the low carb diet that my doctor told me to go on I can not lose the weight and I exercise all the time. I walk every morning and every night and always go to the gym for 2 hours a day but nothing sheds the weight off.

I was diagnosed with PCOS in I have been told I am insulin resistance. I have no children. I have been trying to diet but can't. I can buy the healthy food and it it for a couple of days but then if I eat any of it, it makes me sick and I want to throw up. I gave asked doctors what to do but receive no answers, except to keep eating it, doesn't matter if it is making me sick.

What could be causing me to do that? I used to exercise but I get sick when I exercise. I'm 37 now, and I've been taking Provera since I was 21 which was supposed to stimulate my cycle and hasn't. I've never had a menstrual cycle, but when I stop taking Provera I have severe pain. I am now diabetic and I have chronic kidney disease. Because of the Kidney disease I can't take Metformin, and I also can't eat anything with animal protein so I'm on a vegetarian diet. I sneak fish once a week though, but my main source of protein comes from beans and nuts.

I'm allergic to milk and I have celiac disease, so not gluten or sugar diabetic for me. I have a really hard time finding diet plans that fit those requirements. I exercise all the time and I'm an avid hiker. In the last 5 years I've managed to drop from to about which is where I'm at now. I guess I can take comfort that I've haven't gained weight in 5 years, but I would really like to lose a little more.

Is everything listed above safe for me while nursing or should I follow a different plan? I'm 15 and I'm diagnosed with pcos,I'm from South America, I've done many diets but nothing seems to work, I try to do excercise everyday but I'm school and I have a busy day, my number one goal is to loose 20 kilo's right now it sound so impossible because I'm a healthy child, I don't much carbs but the weight just doesn't seem to come down please help me. Im 33 years old, diagnosed with pcos about years ago.

I have two children but my problem is insulin resistance. It all started about 4 years ago when my blood sugar dropped after eating. I gained around 40 lbs during all these years because there are food I just dont seem to tolerate. Like I will be hungry no matter what I eat. Lately my problem is at night. I feel that blood sugar low, but its not really low when I meassure it, i have an accucheck to measure my sugar levels.

I used to be doing good last year but in december of this year , till now it seems to be uncontrollable. I dont eat sweets i dont eat flour, or barely do, but still have these weird symptoms. Went to the doctor and he put me on metformin , to start with and a diet. I still feel somewhat odd, does this take long to work? When will I start feeling better and loosing weight? I miss my skinny body, im at now and I hate it. I know how you feel!!!! I am also 33, 5'3" was always petite and athletic around llbs, now up to lbs and couldnt shake it despite exercising x's a week and a relatively healthy, normal diet.

I've noticed side effects of the Rx immediately. I plan to journal my meals more carefully. I'm hopeful this will help me lose the lbs to help the insulin resistance. Hey guys I've also been diagnosed with PCOS and irregular periods is my concern; the past year have tried everything in my will power to lose weight naturally.. I haven't started yet did, I did get a gym membership at Planet Fitness b4 I found this site lol.

Unfortunately, I was also diagnosed with Multiple Sclerosis last year Oct 6th. It is like a triple whammy lol. I can do pretty much what anyone else can just wondering what would be a good diet n exercise for me? Great work Adryant, i'm really motivated to see those tremendous transformations. I'm 85 kgs n my height is 5 ft. I need to lose 30 kgs, what exercises would you recommend for me to shed extra 30 kgs faster?

Eagerly waiting for your response. Thanking you in advance: Hey there I am 22 years old. I was diagnosed with PCOS at the age of Initially, i did not pay much attention to my irregular cycle and weight gain. Bt since last 2 years, i started taking it seriously. I was on metformin and some other medication for alomost a year but it had no effect. I started working out but had no control on my cravings. So even if i lost some weight,i used to gain it back quickly.

But starting this june earlier, i joined a gym,started working out for 2 hours 6 days a week. My doctor put me on Normoz and Max D3 60k medication.

I even started taking a protein supplement.. Isopure, and began to eat healthy fruits,veggies and some cereal for breakfast. I can easily control my cravings now. I have a sweet tooth and indulge in dark chocolate once in a while..

Yet with all this.. I've lost just 4 kgs in 2 months i am 5'5 and weighed 75 kgs when i started. I know i am going in the right direction, but i really want to speed up the weight loss process a little. Is it safe to take some fat burner? Or would you advice some other tips? Tried the gym thing. Nothing has worked for me. It's nice to know there are others so similar. If I find anything, i'll let you know. Hi I am 35 an was also diagnose with pcos and is over weight plus I want to have a baby someday.

But my periods are so mess up that sometimes I don't get them for months and I was birth control pills but they really didn't help me at all. I can't really exercise cause I have bad hips and stuff an the only exercise I do is walking plus diets don't work for me cause I tried them in the past an none worked for me. I tried talking to my doctor bout it an they don't listen to me or want to help an I am starting to get very depress bout it an I have depression so thats not good as o if anyone can help me I will appreciate it very much oh don't say to do a diet and exercise cause like I said before I can't exercise cause of my hips an diets don't work for me.

Hii ma'am I have been suffering from same problem but now its getting cured by treatment as well as my weight has started decreasing Although I'm student so don't have time for exercise or running I spend my whole day while sitting.. The only rule i followed is Only slimmed milk hours before bed.. No salt after sunset And this is doing great with me I am severely insulin resistant.

My body is not responding anymore. My body is stuck at lbs I am 5'7". I worked out for an entire year straight with only 1 rest day per week I need your help of there are other ladies having success with your program.

I am 31 yr,my weight was perfect before having a baby i took metformin and always watched my diet followed many diet systems which worked out without exercising,when i was pregnant i gained 40 kilos i wasn't eating so much but was on bed rest due to bleeding,after giving birth i struggled with my weight ,i tried all the diet plans which worked for me before,i tried every way also i am breastfeeding so always hungry and can't lose even a kilo with diet plans and exercising,,i am totally depressed,i have kilos of fats especially in my bra line and upper back and arms need help.

I'm suffering from pco since 8 year's. I have tried too many workouts and also took the proper diet. But stil I can't lost weight. I took metformin since 2 week's. What I should do to lose my weight? Insulin resistance is the main reason why its more challenging for you to lose weight with PCOS. Click to Comment of Comments. Shreya I was diagnosed pcod. Arogyam pcod kit really works August 07, Veronica Hi Adrian I was recently diagnosed with diabetes.

Adrian Bryant here you go April 08, Nid Hello, I am nid, and i m diagonesd with pcos 2 year ago, now weight 75 k. Adrian Bryant are you able to do this plan here February 14, Joy Hello Adrian, i'm so motivated by what i've seen on your page but sincerely i doubt if i can ever loose weight it seems so impossible but at the same time i'm staying positive. Adrian Bryant start here for all the motivation and the right plan for you January 19, Adrian Bryant you need to take it 1 day at a time with this beginner plan here January 16, Swati Iam with u dear Sweetslover Hi Adrian I am 34yrs old Weigh and am 5'6.

Please help September 20, Adrian Bryant all the help is right here September 22, Charlene I've had pcos for about 12 years you name it Ive tried it every diet and diet pills can I ask you a question your telling me i can eat anything I want ants long as it's under calories I will lose weight? Liz Ladies, I'm reading all of your horror stories! Susan Frank As for the weight loss MrsJ Hi, I need advice. So how do you lose weight safely with PCOS? If you have the condition and want to shed pounds, here are some common-sense approaches.

When a diet fails, your best intentions can deteriorate into a vicious cycle of losing weight, gaining it back, and losing it again. Recently, it was linked with double the risk of heart attack , stroke, or death in people who already had coronary artery disease in a study in the New England Journal of Medicine.

Women with PCOS already have a higher risk of heart attack , high blood pressure, high cholesterol levels, and stroke. Instead, center your healthy eating plan around anti-inflammatory foods, as women with PCOS have chronic, low-level inflammation. That means avocados, nuts, fish, olive oil, and green tea. A Mediterranean diet is also relatively low in calories and contributes to stable blood sugar.

Another surefire way to avoid spikes or crashes in blood sugar is to eat regularly throughout the day. Learning to listen to your body is also crucial, Dillon adds.

Be choosy about your carbohydrates. Stay away from processed, high-glycemic-index carbs like crackers, candy, and soda. It can also increase insulin sensitivity and decrease insulin resistance, says Sheth, which can help stave off diabetes. It might help to focus on the behavior of exercising a few times a week rather than the number on the scale, Dillon says.

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