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Some of us are moved to save whales, others to feed the starving, etc. While my heart is not specifically called to cancer patients, I do hope that some of the people I will work with are and will be inspired to make these. I am glad you are doing well, as of your latest comment that I see here. Your post has reached a lot of people already and I pray that God rewards you for sharing this so the gift of these pillows so people in other places can make them also.

What a wonderful idea you have. I am sure many will be blessed in giving and in receiving. Thank you for your kind comments. My Dad passed away over 20 yrs ago. He had a port but I never knew they could be so uncomfortable even with a seatbelt.

I wish I knew …. I will make some and donate them to an infusion center. Thanks for opening my eyes. It is the little things! I am sure you did all that you could for your father and did it with love. And that was enough. I ran across this pin just before I sat down to write notes to go with Prayer Shawls at my church.

I will need to make some. I just had a port put in and have noticed the seatbelt issue. I am making one for myself first and plan to make several for the chemo center where I am receiving treatment. Thanks so much for this idea! Glad your first treatment went well! Sending you a virtual hug and healing thoughts. Dear Kathy, I pray that you are continuing to do well! Thanks so much for sharing this pattern and idea! We have started a ministry at our church that creates items like this as a service to local organizations and I can hardly wait to share this one!

Even though I never had one when I had my port, I am excited about being able to bless others! Amazed by His Grace, Amy. Amy — how wonderful that you have surpassed the 10 year mark! I just had a CT scan and everything was clear.

Thank you for wanting to share this idea with others. He never had chemo—already metastasized at diagnosis. I just use regular old polyester fiber fill. I am glad to be alive! It makes every day a good day. I hope your friend does well with her treatment! And do NOT expect your friend to call and ask you to do something.

I know I just hated picking up the phone to call people — although I enjoyed talking when someone called me. This turned out to be a great help and something I might not have done for myself. Responding to emails and messages and calls from everyone wanting to know how you are doing is just overwhelming. CaringBridge allowed me to write one thing that everyone who was interested could read. I enjoyed having someone stay with me during chemo — but everyone is different.

Offer, if you feel comfortable, and let her decide. Little things add up to big things. Just keep being her friend. My friend got diagnosed with breast cancer in May and it has been overwhelming. So, remember, there is always a blessing behind the unexpected. Just be willing and God will give you the roadmap! Kathy I too had stem cell transplant. I had my 6th 2nd birthday in Dec. I went first to local office then went to a large city hospital.

The room was massive and full of fighters. These port pillows are a great idea. I too like to give back when I can. Little things do make a difference. Wishing you the best. Kathy, Thank you for sharing your story and the directions for these little pillows with purpose! I first saw them on Pinterest searching for quilting ideas…I saved the link knowing that some day soon I would carve out time to make them. Well, I recently met a lovely woman who was going for her port placement on her birthday-I knew it was my sign to get busy, so I made her 2.

One for each car she rides in… and I have made more for the Cancer center of the Hospital I work at, they were very delighted with them and said they were gone in 5 minutes!

The ladies in my guild are helping me make them now. God Bless-Thanks again, and stay strong! This will make a great gift for us to make and give! We do a lot for cancer patients, but never saw this before.

Would love to farm this out to volunteers to make a lot of these to give out in gift bags. Before doing this, can anyone who has had a port and used this pillow personally, please reach out to me? I have a question about these before I begin asking for sewers and materials. The gift bags sound like a great idea. My aunt and mother are both cancer survivors.

My aunt was not as lucky and went through two rounds. I am so thankful that you posted this. I plan on making these and giving them to the hospital that treated my aunt and also to the local chemo center where I live. Cancer just seems to touch everyone in one way or another. And often in more ways than one.

I hope your mother and aunt are doing well. Thank you so much for the pattern. I donate prayer shawls and cancer caps to our cancer center but never thought of the port pillows. It is a great project and a great way to use up some scraps. I hope you are doing well and I will continue to keep you in my thoughts and prayers. And always appreciate positive thoughts and prayers. It is a great way to use up fabric scraps! I am making these pillows to give to infusion center.

I want to pay it forward on her behalf. I think what you are doing is wonderful. I am an 19 year survivor. My daughter is a 1 year survivor. All the meds etc does end and you will get on down the road of life. Thank you for stopping by, Ann. Wow — 19 years is such a big number! All the best to you and your daughter. I hated the port! I pinned it and shared it and plan on making them. Thank you for posting this. So glad I found that one little pillow in the basket where I had chemo!

Look what it has led to. OH, I am too! I had a cancer scare a few years ago and wanted to do something to show God my gratitude for the good outcome. I called to volunteer at the cancer center offering to do housework, run errands or whatever cancer patients needed but no one ever called so now I have THIS that I have been doing for cancer patients and am so happy I landed on your pattern.

I had no idea there was a need before! I have 40 to give so far after 3 days and just need to locate the local cancer center. I will then touch a toothpick or awl with the oil to the Velcro thus making the pillow a prayer cloth too.

I am a breast cancer survivor but needed to have a breast removed. I was given a very pretty pink heart pillow to use in the car but there was nothing to keep it in place. It would need to fasten to the seat belt but be able to cover the whole breast area. I think the velcro would work on one edge of the pillow. The pillow was about eight inches across. Hope this is a help to some of you.

I should add that not all people with cancer or cancer scares do not want one more thing in pink. Found this post today, just in time!! My good friend, who is a Thirty-One consultant, is donating 15 bags filled with goodies to a local chemo center…and I am contributing these pillows. I made one adjustment to your pattern: I cut the Velcro strip to 3. Thanks for a great idea!!!

My Mother is cancer free now for 15 years! Awesome — she went thru breast cancer and bladder cancer. Our local Library has started a young girls sewing club and these would be a great little project that they could make and feel useful when they donate the finished items to the cancer unit. Your mom has been through a lot! Glad she has come through it all so well. I hope these work out well for the girls. Thanks for your comments, Judy. You have inspired me.

I am a 19 yr breast cancer and 65 yrs old. I sew a lot and I think I may make some of these for patients in our city. Thanks so much for the inspiration and I truly hope you are doing fine. Wow — another year survivor! You guys are inspiring me! Two years down ….

I love, love your idea! Almost ten years ago, I died and went to Heaven and was told to go back that it was not my time to come, since that time I try to give back on how God orchestrated smoothly that day that I might live.

On March 14, , I went to the hospital for a heart cath, another doctor was called in and he ruptured my artery, I had to learn to walk, talk, read, eat, etc. I made my first cancer quilt for a 22 year old woman with Leukemia, I guess I worry about cancer patients being cold. I have survived cancer 5 times. Even still to this day, I use a little cover over my seat belt, which is worn out and I have been thinking I need to make me a cover.

My goodness, Jan, what a story you have! So awesome to hear of your miraculous recovery. I hope you enjoy making the pillows. Although I was feverish at the beginning of my treatment, I have found that the chemo seems to have left me a little susceptible to being cold.

Bless you for all that you share. Pray all is well with you. I start chemo on Wed. This is a great idea and I hope to make many of them to fill the basket at the center. So glad to hear you are doing well. Healing thoughts for you, Lynne! I hope all goes well. Thank you so much for sharing how to do this. What a wonderful idea.!! I want to make one right away. My baby brother, who is 34 years old has Mutiple Sclerosis. He just had a port put in a couple of months ago and I have not seen these.

He has been diagnosed since he was He will love this. God Bless you and hope you have great health from here on out.!! I phoned our local cancer center expressing my desire to volunteer to clean house, cook or run errands for their patients and they seemed grateful but never called on me to help. I made little hand warmers for my grandchildren that look like this minus the Velcro, filled with rice so they could be heated in the microwave.

Would rice work well in these to hold the seatbelt back further? Or would that be unnecessary? I think the rice is unnecessary. Sometimes the pillows slip a little on the seatbelt. I think the weight of the rice would cause them to slip and would also create more pressure on the port if it is atop the port. Most of the time I cannot figure out how to find out how to make things.

I can do this. Thank you for sharing. This is a great idea! I am a 5 year breast cancer survivor, when I had my port I purchased the seat belt covers made for infants, they worked great. When my port was removed I passed Curios George they had monkies on them and my husband is George?

I am a survivor who like you wanted to give back, I probably made hats and left them in doctors office. I love this idea, am thinking I need to make some. Thank you so much and good luck! It is a long process, positive thoughts and a positive attitude. I like a little humor with my cancer, so I think I would have enjoyed a Curious George seatbelt cover. If only I had known… What kind of hats do you make?

Kathy, how much stuffing do you put in the pillow? If I still had my Powerport I would test it on myself first, but I dont. Thanks for this wonderful idea. Mediumly stuffed, I guess. So happy to hear you are doing well, I think you are a very positive person. Two groups I belong to have been making heart pillows for breast cancer patients, these are wrapped in cellophane with a big pink ribbon and given to patients soon after their operations.

They are welcomed by the patients who use them to help with seatbelts and something to hold and know many people are thinking of them when they feel down, they are all filled with love. Such a small thing to make but brings so much joy. My daughter had a stem cell transplant last March after going through chemo for acute myleoid leukemia. She was at the cancer center at the University of West Virginia and I would love to make some of these to give back. Do you have cards to go with them that explain their use or do patients know what they are?

Thanks for posting and congratulations on being cancer free! A little card attached would be a wonderful addition. I hate to admit that I have just been too lazy or unimaginative to get it done! One time I attached a note to the open box I filled with pillows that explained their purpose. I thought I would reuse it each month when I made a delivery to the infusion room. Well … guess who got behind? When I finally made it back with more pillows, my box was gone. Fortunately all the nurses know what they are for, so I guess they have answered any questions.

I always wondered if Police would have written me a ticket. So happy u thot of this. I was a recipient of a pillow. My contribution is copying a good idea and passing it on. I am a great fan of Pinterest and saw your pin. At the time I just filed it away in my mind, not knowing anyone who could use one. So your pattern was just the thing. Today I made 15 portacath pillows I made a variety for him to choose from and the rest they can distribute. I also rounded the corners of the squares.

I hope they work as well as the rectangles. I packaged each of them in a little bag with a card telling what they are used for and indicating what fabric was used, ie cotton, flannel, fleece.

It was great fun. I hope to make more. Thank you so much for sharing your pattern. I love hearing about variations and your use of the quilting squares sounds like a great idea. I hope if anyone uses them, they will provide some feedback. I co-lead Sassy Caps sassycaps. One of our volunteers has started making these pillows to give out in treatment centers along with the hats. We made up a little tag for them and are going to put it on our website.

Would it be ok if we linked to your site for the directions on how to make them? Was someone already making these pillows before you stumbled onto me? I see you have 2 velcro straps on the ones pictured. I love the sassyness! Hello Kathy Thank you very much for your post. I have never heard of portacath pillows before and this information reached me at the perfect time. My grandma is currently undergoing chemo treatments and I know she would appreciate it so I made her one.

Congrats on your treatment success. Lots of blessing and best wishes to you. Best wishes to her! My daughter was a stem cell donor last year. I am going to bookmark this post so I can make some, too!

How wonderful that your daughter could be a donor for someone! I was lucky to be able to use my own stem cells, but very much appreciated the plasma and blood donors who contributed to my healing! What an Amazing idea! Thank you for sharing this. My great grandmother passed from breast cancer in over 40yrs ago and when I found out about it, I instantly became a supporter. My question is… Is there a process of volunteering or taking the pillows to a cancer location.

Congratulations to you on being a survivor, and I hope and pray your still doing well! You might begin by checking with your local American Cancer Society to see if they have suggestions of where to donate. Or maybe even call the office of an oncologist in your area and see what they suggest.

Would poly pellets be too firm to stuff the pillows with? Or does the poly fiberfill work best? I will make some for my cancer center in Lincon Ne. I pray for all people with cancer, their doctors and staff, and especially the researchers. I also pray for family members that are also affected by cancer. Someday there will be an answer for us all. Thanks for all you do! Kathy, I am so happy you are doing well! I am an RN and I have never heard of a portacath pillow.

But what a helpful thing it is. Thank you for sharing how to make it! BTW, I saw this on Pinterest. Pinning it right now! I am sorry to be so behind in replying to comments! Thank you for leaving a comment and Pinning the pillows! Thank you so much for sharing this great idea. My grandson is starting chemo next week. He will have a port placed first. He is a St. I am so thankful for this information.

It will not only help him, but it is a way we can give back to help someone else. Thank you so much again.

I am sorry to be replying so late. I hope your grandson is doing well. It is so hard to be a parent or grandparent of a cancer patient. Hugs to all of you! I live in England. We make small heart pillows for breast cancer patients to place under their arms after surgery, these help ease pressure from the arm. As a previous breast cancer patient I know from personal experience these are a great comfort.

Thank you for your post! Thank you so much! I wanted to give back to the centers that helped my Mom during her battle she passed in May , but I wanted to do something that would help in everyday life. I remember her dr gave her a pillow and realized this is one thing I could do. You really jumped right in! So many people will be blessed by your kindness. This is such a wonderful idea. My family has not been touched by cancer but we do have friends going thru this experience.

I am truly thrilled to find this idea and know that there is something I can do to help others. Prayers for your continued good health. I wish I would have found this site years ago.. I will start this week making these and take them to my closest chemo center. What a wonderful and easy idea.

Our church ladies now have another use for scrapes left from projects. I was blessed to catch my cancer early, so no chemo, but I suffer from a neck fracture, fibromyalgia, and arthritis. I can see another use for these with a change of the Velcro to elastic. Attach them to your arm, wrist as a portable cushion while sitting.

God bless you ALL. What a great idea! We have printable inserts you can use if you like: The sassycaps note is much more creative than mine. I like to place mine above my port rather than over it. I am currently going through treatment and a sewer. I have been using a washcloth on the shoulder strap and was thinking how I could keep it from falling down, this is perfect!

I am going to make several and place them in a basket in the infusion center. The snack size ziplock bags are a perfect fit for storage. I also tucked a note inside of what is and how to use it. I taught myself how to sew using both. This makes me want to get into my fabric stash and make some then find somewhere to donate them to..

Keep up the awesome work and God Bless you and your family. Thanks Colleen Email me mctho yahoo. You r so adorable! Thank you for the pattern. Thankfully no one I know is going through cancer but I sure would like to make some for the cancer center some of the little pillows thank you.

I am fortunate enough to not need one, but what a great thing to make and donate. I have so many lovely scraps of fabrics that these would be perfect for. Think I have some making to do and can donate. A way to give something to those who need just the little things in life to make their day that much easier. All the best to you and your continued good health.

Aileen — Melbourne, Australia. Most have charities they support including hospitals. Some have someone dropping off kits and picking up completed projects. I would think a ribbon would slip or loosen more easily and not stay in place as well. But you might give it a try and let us know! Thank you for the idea. I am a 10 year survior and remember the struggle with my seatbelt. I am making a dozen or so to take to the chemo center.

Best wishes and prayers for a complete recovery. Thanks for sharing your ideas. Hope you are doing well, all our best wishes.

I love to sew and this is such a great way to give back and help others! My doctor and I have talked about maybe removing my port after my next CT scan.

I want to, and yet I had a cancer that frequently returns. Keeping it longer seems to provide a little psychological comfort for me — it is there at the ready. That said, best to you and I hope you enjoy the project and that it also works well for you. Thank you for the pattern!

We will pray over them and put a scripture inside. Thank you for sharing your design!! I hope it is a successful project for VBS. I have just taken the first batch in to Christies in Manchester England. Every body was so thrilled with them.

Thanks for the idea and good wishes to all x. Thank you for sharing! Maybe that tip will help your readers. God bless and congrats on your recovery! Thank you for the tip! My name is Rose and I am a volunteer for a group called Circle of Love. We crochet hats, blankets, angel wraps, chemo caps, etc.

Although I do a fairly good job at simple crochet hats and the like, my forte is sewing. I am always on the lookout for sewing projects to make for our group. I came across your blog, I think, on Pinterest and thought what a good idea these little pillows were. I made up a couple prototypes and shared them with our organizer. I even found a little poem from another blog to include with them.

Our first batch will be going out to St. Thank you so much for the idea and inspiration. Hope all is well with you. I am far behind with replying to comments and apologize for my delay.

The patients who receive your pillows will appreciate your act of kindness and the comfort it provides. Thank you for leaving your comments! My seat belt is incredibly tight against my neck and my chest, so I may make a very long version of this as I have to drive 80 miles one way for chemo, and later for radiation. Thank you so much for sharing the idea! I hope that works for you, Barbara. Wow — such a long drive there and back! I feel so lucky to have received most of my treatment nearby.

I hope you are doing well. I am making him one…thanks for the directions. Thank you for letting me know that you found the pattern and your plans to use it. Just saw your info with the portacath pillow and going to start making these to donate to the Red Deer Hospital, Alberta. I am excited to do this as I had not heard about this pillow before and I am glad this will help someone even in a small way. Donna, thank you for your comment and for spreading a little bit of comfort to others!

I am doing well! You know, I had never heard of this kind of pillow , and I think is a great and wonderful idea. In fact, I commented about this fantastic idea to a friend who has won the battle against cancer and she said, it is fabolous. Thank you very much, blessings and a big hug. Plis I m sorry, but mi bad english. So, the important is that I knew your story and understand the recipe!!!! And… of course we are praying for you and doctors, nurses, voluntiers and patients… Kisses… Rossana.

I teach English to immigrants to the U. I am glad you and your friend like the pillows. The pillows you make will bless the patients who receive them. My friend and her church group makes Love Pillows and delivers them to a few hospitals in Central Florida for Cancer Patients.

I have received 3 of their pillows for a friend and family. I give her money to buy more fabric so her group can make more Love Pillows. Their love pillows are heart pillows and in sizes of inches and helps relieve an uncomfortable chair or position.

I will pass on your idea for them to consider to make too. I hope your battle is over and you have continued good health. And my brother in law is fast approaching his end we fear. We have lost several family and friends to this awful disease.

Pray for a cure soon. I am so sorry for your losses, Savona. I was blessed to benefit from treatment that would not have been available a few years ago. My doctor said we may not have a permanent cure for me, but who knows what advances will be available in another 5 years.

We must support research and learn and put into practice all that we can about prevention. We are adding these pillows to our project list for community supporters. We provide a home away for families with seriously ill children.

The pillow is great for seat belts and car seat straps. Thank yo for your post! I also received a port pillow from Texas Oncology in San Antonio. And not to seem like an ingrate, I found the fabric that was used on the one I was given was an irritant to my skin. I ended up purchasing a pair of faux sheepskin ones and giving the other to a friend who is undergoing chemo. I will be sure to return the one I was given because maybe it will work for the next person.

I am grateful for all that volunteers do for us all. Thank you for the reminder about fabric choice. I use fabric that is not rough, is washable, and is free of pet dander and smoke. Recently I brought home some fiber fill that my mom had and it has a very strong although pleasant scent.

Probably from being stored in a closet with scented candles. All my best to you. I was recently diagnosed with breast cancer and was blessed not to have to have chemo but have just finished my 6th radiation treatment with 15 to go. I have made these to donate to Texas Oncology of Mesquite as a way to help someone going thru chemo. Yes I finished 21 radiation treatments this past Tuesday. Will be see my oncologist in a couple of weeks to start the hormone blocking medication.

Thank you so much for the portacath pillow pattern. Hope you continue to do well. Much gratitude for this post on Port a cath pillows, I am Not a cancer patient but am on my 3rd port, you see I am a gutless literally girl and my port is my life line for acute dehydration, I am a very small person and have a lot of issues with port pain…. This pillow will be a life saver!!!!! Thanks so very much….. Do you think the pillow could be machine stitched? I am wanting to get a group together to make at least and thought machine stitching would help us reach that goal.

I machine stitch mine! I just fold each side inward the best I can. I have been making these for our local cancer centers too. Thank you so much for posting this. These little pillows make up so fast. I am making them also for our cancer center. So far I have made and donated They are given away faster than I can make them.

Working on another 12 today. These little pillows may also work for pacemaker patients. My husband was given a ready made pillow by the surgery center. Seems like the softer fiberfill ones would be more comfortable.

Best wishes for your continued recovery. Hello, I am glad to hear that you are healthy and happy after such an ordeal. My mother recently passed away at 93 years of age, but for the last 10 years of her life she suffered from Myelodysplasia.

A troublesome disease which required her to have at least 2 Blood transfusions a month. These were bad at the start because her veins were not in good shape. So she finally had to have a pickline and then went on to have a port. She sure could have used one of these pillows. I on the other hand am short and healthy but in my husbands truck the seat belt rubs my neck something terrible. I think this little pillow will help me immensely.

Thank you so much for the instructions. I do appreciate them. I am 9 yrs cancer free. Although I was fortunate enough to only have to take one radiation pill.

I have been looking for something simple to sew where i can make a lot of them. I have so much fabric and rolls of velcro I can use. Kathy I hope you are still answering these msgs. How amazing God is when He works good things through us, His hands. You are truly a blessing.

God be with you. Thank you so much for this tutorial and for your loving heart! I am new to sewing and this would be a wonderful project to practice as well as to give back. Some steps confused me a little and I was wondering if you would be kind enough to post a video tutorial. I will be making some of these i will be starting treatment tomorrow November 22nd.

Again Thank you so much!! You are an inspiration and I am going to make some too. God Bless and I will say a prayer for everyone going through these challenges of life. I am also going to make these for seatbelts. I also had cancer and a port. I also had to wear a pump home for three days after the office infusion. I found a small handmade should bag that really worked holding the pump.

I didnt have pockets. It was only about 7 inches long and 5 inches across. The shoulder strap was long enough for me. Maybe i would use velcro to make it adjustable. I also wore it under a top to kinda hide it out in public. A lot of others were interested in it. I need to get off my butt this winter and make a bunch. Thank you for for your ideas!! Ive been clear on my last tests.!! It was stage 3 colon cancer No early warnings, i just kept putting off my test. At 50 yrs old would have been a polyp.

At 55 waould have been stage 2. Please do the test!! So easy, really, you feel nothing afterward. I recently gave away all of my material, but I could start collecting again. My sister is wanting to start learning to sew. What a great way to start. It was wonderful to receive these items. I would love to give back.

Praying all is well. Thank you so much for this tutorial. Love and hugs, from Christy in Florida. Enlarge the picture of the finished pillow by clicking on it and the details are much better!

I am four years cancer free! I have a lot of scrap materials and will be making some for the cancer center I attended. Even though my port has been out for two years, that area is still tender and constantly moving my seat belt around.

Will experiment on myself first and then make more! Thank you for sharing your pattern. I also celebrate my cancer free birthdays!

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