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Ninja Blender Recipes

If this could be the case, I would recommend air drying the ild before putting it back on the jar. August 16, at 5: Needless to say, I took some time online to research this product. It makes the smoothie so much creamy than my older model did. July 23, at 9:

QVC model becomes an internet hit as her skimpy slip leaves VERY little to the imagination

If this could be the case, I would recommend air drying the ild before putting it back on the jar. Good to hear, Sandy! Thanks for the suggestion, it worked. The first lid I had was just defective, but was replaced with a new one. Lid still gives me fits. I have tried it wet, dry,etc. Any further suggestions would be appreciated. I am afraid I will break it.

Just purchased the Ninja I want mine primarily for organic veggie and fruit smoothies. The problem I am having is I cant get all the seeds out of the drink. My mom uses the Vitamix and doesnt seem to have that problem. Have you tried straining the juice with a mesh strainer? If I misunderstood your question, please let me know! Please join me to this site, if you may. Thank You Very Much!

I use it x a day, for different things. I make smoothies for my son and my husband and sometimes for me too. Later in the day, I do prep work for dinner in it by making sauces, marinades, shredding and slicing veggies it came with a food processor top and a 48 oz container to do it in , grinding seeds and nuts and cheeses, and then when I am making dinner I have done prep work in it then too. It came with a soft cover book that has like recipes in it??

It is called Pulse It Up. Amazon is selling the set with the book. Here is a link to just the book: Anyway, it is a pretty good book.

I am thrilled to find your site because you have created recipes just using the Ninja blenders and you came up with ice cream recipes, not just fruity ones. I am also experimenting with it and making a lot of recipes in it that are not in the books. I love using the single serve cups for uses other than smoothies such as sauces, grinding nuts and seeds and grinding parmesan cheese which broke 2 food processors when I tried to do that in them.

Hi Angela, Thank you for providing so much information and all the many recipes for the ninja blender. I am about to buy one, but just heard from a friend that she made salsa with the ninja.

The salsa turned out great, but long story short — regardless how many times she thoroughly washed the pitcher — everything else she made after this tasted like onions. How do you clean, by hand or in dishwasher? Thanks in advance, and thanks for sharing your creative website. After my last batch yesterday, I washed my pitcher and the blades really well with hot sudsy water and then shaved up some ice for snow cones. Absolutely no taste, smell or anything left behind from the salsa. I do always wash my Ninja by hand.

Just thought I would throw in my 2 cents worth. I typically wash it both Pulse and Ninja Professional in the dishwasher. I am just far too lazy to do it by hand. As far as your friend, I wonder if her pitcher is scratched up in some way? Perhaps cleaing with lemon or orange juice may help take the smell away. Pour in some juice and blend to swirl it all around. I realized afterward that the question was for you and I should have waited for your response. Love your tips and recipes.

It took me awhile to get going with the Ninja-now I use it almost everyday! Again sorry for being rude. Your comment was very helpful and I appreciate the input!

Thank you Marla and Angela for your input. This is reassuring, and nothing will keep me from getting my own ninja today! I was thinking as I was looking through the recipes, if anyone here is a type II diabetic, and if so what would you recommend for making veggie juice? Many of the recipes seem to have a high sugar content, even if they are a healthy recipe. I guess for we diabetics we have to have probably small glasses of juice. By the way, I use my ninja to make my own pasta sauce and salsa.

For the pasta sauce I use around peeled and seeded roma tomatoes. Then I toss in green pepper, a couple of cloves of garlic, onion, and red pepper. You can also add in some cooked italian sausage if you like a meat sauce.

Blend it all up, throw it in a saucepan with a can of tomato paste and simmer for a couple of hours. This freezes very well. Just love your site. Was pricing a Ninja online and found your site. Need to try some of your recipes, they sound so good. I use my old Ninja almost every morning to make a smoothie Banana, frozen fruit like strawberries and Greek — the banana makes it really smooth I have been trying to eat healthier and have lost weight.

Thanks for your nice note. Hopefully you can find some new recipes here to add to your collection of healthy choices! I am so delighted at the performance because it does everything. So, anyone sitting on the fence, just do it! Exciting that you bought the Ninja Mega! I am planning to purchase and review that system before the holidays. Ran across your site by accident and so glad I did! If that matters to you, you may want to consider the Vitamix over the Ninja.

I will report back as soon as I humanly can! Awesome — thanks so much! Will keep you posted! Carol — did you do any research to compare the Mega with the Vitamix? Does the single serve cup fit the Ninja ? I just want the single serve feature.

Hi, thank you for your quick and helpful answers. I had a pineapple and some bananas and put those in with some milk, vanilla, cinnamon and sugar and it was very good.

Very quick and very thin, I also made some a little chunkier and it was great, I enjoyed being able play with it and figure how thick and thin or chunky I wanted it. As far as the stuff going into the handle, mine had no signs of it!! And having the lid sit on the counter and the mess, I just put it upside down to rest on the handle and no mess!

Thanks for writing your informative review! However, you can download my eBook for free today and tomorrow from Amazon: If you want a cookbook from the Ninja Folks, I would recommend going on their Facebook page and asking them how to get one. I have seen them reply to people, so that may work. Thanks for all the great information, recipes and reviews you provide! Have read numerous posts here re: I was doing some google searches and came across this site from Ninja.

Just discovered this site while looking for Ninja recipes. I recently a Ninja system watt from QVC. My new lifestyle is very similar to the needs of a type 2 diabetic. Are you planning a recipe series geared toward that? Bariatric patients have specific needs. Would be awsome if you did that. I probably gear a little more to higher protein and fat, lower carb, as I have eliminated almost all grains and use very little sugar. Good luck to you, and thanks for your note!

Thank you for responding. I forgot to ask if you have reviewed that one. In reading all the posts, I did not see any watt owners. The majority seems to be watts. I sure have — here is my Ninja Pulse review.

I just gave one to my mother-in-law as well because I like it so much. We are in the middle of a remodel, and it takes up less space, so that is the one I leave out! I received the Ninja as a Christmas gift and I love it!!! I saw the food processor for the mega system and would like to know if it fits my I would love to have that for mine since I get tired of slicing everything myself. I enjoy your website………… lots of great info!!!

BTW, I love this site and I hope there will be new posts to it. Yes, you can do both of these items with the Mega. You will need to add some liquid just like making mashed potatoes with a traditional mixer. I got the Ninja Professional and love it. After checking around I found your site. Lots of useful information being posted. My wife and mine favorite so far is spinach artichoke dip!

Unfortunately, no, Ninja has made all their different models so the parts are not interchangeable. I recently purchased the Ninja Professional with the single serve. I am looking for the citrus sundrenched salad dressing recipe as well as other dressing.

Mine did not include any dressings or ice cream recipes. Sorry, I am just now seeing your comment! I would suggest reaching out to the Ninja Folks directly through their chat feature.

They are super helpful and responsive, and I bet they can help you out here. We just purchased the system and then saw the infomercial for the mega system. Do you know if the will grind chicken and salmon to make burgers the way the will? I just today bought the Ninja QB with the 3 different containers. It has a lot of power so I put ice cubes in it and it did reduce it to snow. Then I tried to make a frozen drink, I put my liquid in and then I put in crushed ice and poured it into a glass but the liquid and ice seperates.

I tried this many different times with different amounts of liquid and ice but keep getting just liquid with the ice staying in the container. What do I need to do? Any help would be appreciated. Are you trying to make a slushy? I would recommend making the snow, then pouring the liquid into the blender jar with the snow, pulsing times to combine, and then pouring out the mixture from the blender instead of trying to combine it in a glass.

Just an idea…let me know if I misunderstood what you are trying to do! I was trying to make frozen limeade. I put the ice cubes int the blender,the lime juice and simple syrup and added some water then turned the blender on. When I pour it out into the glass, the liquid only pours out into the glass and the ice stays in the blender. They are seperating not blending together.

Okay, I understand now. I would tell you to take a slightly different approach. Make your limeade, and pour into ice trays. Then, freeze until hard. When you want a limeade, blend the frozen limeade ice cubes to a consistency you like. It was an awesome recipe and quick and simple to make. If someone has it that would b great! Have read all your posts as found them on a google search. I am in the UK. I brought a ninja stackable from Q VC.

There is no recipe book. I contacted QVC and their book is dis continued. Are your recipes suitable for the small stackable I have. If not can you advise where I can get a suitable book. Many thanks and a brill site. I had never heard of the Ninja Stackable, so I had to do some research! The thing to keep in mind is that you will need to scale down the recipes for the size of the container. Hi Angela, Thank you so much for all the Ninja recipes you post!! If so, would I need to buy any more accessories, such as te whisk attachment?

Yes, it should be possible to whip cream in the Pulse, and definitely possible to make mayo. I was able to make coconut whipped cream a couple of weeks ago, which I know is different from dairy whipped cream, but the process is pretty similar. Follow the same chilling process as if you were making the whipped cream with a hand mixer, but use your Pulse instead. I have the Ninja Kitchen System and am hoping to receive your helpful advice.

I want to make a smoothie with broccoli and baby carrots. What do you think of the combination? I have a chocolate shake recipe that uses broccoli: You could add a couple baby carrots in there as well!

But she always made great juices almost everyday because we are from a Caribbean island where its part of the culture. She makes oatmeal juices with evaporated milk, regular milk could use both milk products or just one of the two and fresh lemon or orange juice could also use frozen concentrate , vanilla drop, ice and lastly sugar. The oatmeal is soaked in water first until it starts to sort of grow or open up, and after it is ready you simply blend everything including the bit of water in the oatmeal together and enjoy strained or not, up to you.

Oatmeal is a great source of fiber and has cholesterol-lowering properties especially when uncooked. Mother also combines raw beets, carrots and orange adding the ice in the glass not blended. Ross, what an awesome suggestion, thank you! Your mother is very creative indeed! My Italian grandmother was exactly that same way. Thanks for the idea — I will definitely try it and write about it in the coming weeks.

Thanks Ross, and thank you for your great suggestions! I am looking forward to trying them out next week and will report back! My fiance is diabetic and has changed his lifestyle drastically.

He eats plain oatmeal every morning. Please elaborate on that for me. Exactly what kind of oatmeal quick oats, rolled, etc… and what is vanilla drop?

When I soak the oatmeal to completion do I soak in cold water, do I cover the oatmeal to a float? When blending the ingredients should my end result be thin liquid, thick shake or nectar type. Angela, can you do this one for us? I have a Pulse from QVC. What do you think about adding Protein powder to it? I use primarily unflavored and vanilla Unjury protein.

And, a suggestion for your fiancé, if he is interested. I like the Amazing Grass Amazing Greens. One scoop in my morning smoothie is all it takes, it makes me feel good knowing I have that little bit of extra greens insurance. Just an idea — he may find it helpful! Vanilla drop, I meant a drop of vanilla extract.

It should be a subtle hint of vanilla to soften the lemony flavor. Soaking the oatmeal, you can soak with regular water from the filter, tap or bottled. The end result, the amount of oats you use and the length of time you soak it, will determine the result. The more you soak the oatmeal, the thicker the water will get because the oatmeal will start to soften more and more but this also depends on how much oatmeal is used. The result my mom has is a thick, drinkable juice that she is able to strain without much effort.

However, as I mentioned before, you can choose not to strain the juice and it will still be drinkable. Lastly, if straining, you can blend the oatmeal in its own water, strain it and THEN mix it with the rest of the ingredients. Keep in mind to make the mixture cold with ice cubes BEFORE mixing together lemon juice and milk as the milk can curdle if not done right. So lemon juice water and oats then ice then milk.

Ross, this helps me a ton as I work this out! I am sending my hubby to the store later today to get ingredients, and will try this a few different ways next week before writing up a post. However, you certainly CAN do this!

If you find a recipe you like for a Magic Bullet or Vitamix, it will work fine with the Ninja…. Hi there is just bought the Ninja Master Prep Professional with the 48 oz, 40 oz and 2 cup bowls. I was just wondering if it will whip whipped cream? I know it makes the ice cream, but will it do a good job with plain old whipped cream? Absolutely, it can do whipped cream. I wrote a post on how to make coconut whipped cream, here: Fresh fruits and Vegetables made into juices are an easy source for getting those vital nutrients.

Triturating juicers are considered to be the most efficient type of juicers available in the market. Just a sleeve stating that I had just purchased this item. SAD affair that one can spend that much money and not be able to receive the receipe book.

Nice infomercial but they could at least send along that receipe book. I am not impressed with the idea that each time I need a receipe I must go on line.

Much easier if it were on my shelf. I have NO other appliances in my kitchen without a book. I just may return this item and get something else. I have no affiliation whatsoever with the maker of the Ninja, so I cannot influence whether or not you got a recipe book from them, but would recommend that if you are dissatisfied, you definitely could send it back.

I have seen the recipe book that comes with the Vitamix, and it is quite impressive — perhaps that is something that would appeal to you more. I just purchased a Ninja Ultra Kitchen System from Costco and found your site while searching for recipes. Can you post links to your coffee blends recipes???

Thanks I apologize for the dup comment. First, thank you for such a wonderful site. I needed information on making green smoothies and found your site the most helpful. The Ninja I had died after only 4 months but I was able to get a full refund. They out did themselves when they redesigned it. It gets 5 Stars!!! I was disappointed that you book is only available through Amazon on kindle.

Loved the pictures you shared from your vacation. My husband asked me tonight how long until we have an Ultima. It gets the greens totally smooth?

If that is the case, it may be sooner than later that I need to review that model! Thanks for getting back to me so quickly in regards to the book issue. My husband and I only recently upgraded our phones, Black Friday to be precise. We are quite new to the whole app world. Yes, I really love my new Ninja. It makes the smoothie so much creamy than my older model did. I hated throwing away all the pulp. Felt like I was wasting more produce than I was consuming.

I just printed out one of your smoothie recipes and need to run out and buy some cacao nibs. I was wondering do you plan on sharing pictures of your kitchen remodel? Thank you for the insights on the Ultima. I saw it at Target the other day and had to be dragged from the appliances aisle. Believe it or not, we do not yet have a kitchen. I will definitely show pictures when we do. Somehow, however, the kitchen keeps getting de-prioritized, and while the shell is built, we are currently using it as a bedroom while we wrap up the actual bedrooms I wish I was kidding.

Luckily a lot of our meals come out of a blender. It is appropriate time to make some plans for the future and it is time to be happy. I have read this post and if I could I wish to suggest you some interesting things or tips. Maybe you could write next articles referring to this article. I want to read even more things about it! I am suprised nobody has mentioned that http: I just published it this week. This will give you some insights into the Ultima, including a video of how well it makes a green smoothie: There are lots of online recipes for Ninja blenders, from my page to other bloggers and like you said, even the Ninja site, it just takes a little searching to find what you are looking for!

I kind of wonder how many people have the recipe book, since it only comes with one model. Ninja Mega Kitchen System videos, recipes, and tips: It depends on the model and the model of the prep system — they need to match. Best thing to do would be to get on chat with Ninja and verify with them before you buy!

I would love it if someone could tell me making tomato sauce what on the Ninja Mega kitchen system would I use and if I still need to peel tomatoes to make sauce? You can definitely make sauce. I would use the 72 ounce pitcher and would still peel the tomatoes, yes.

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Simply buy your kitchen items or anything via this button at Amazon. There is no cost to you and I get a small fraction for referring you. How to Make Juice with the Ninja Blender. Part 3 - A Summary. How to Make Peanut Butter in 3 Minutes. Blueberry Pie Energy Bars. Making Apple Juice with a Ninja Blender. Ninja Blender Recipes We blend a lot of things around these parts!

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