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Each team throws three darts to try and attain the highest score based on the target listed in the scoreboard each round. A born and bred food lover, cook since age seven and girl behind all the recipes and photographs you see here. The team plays all 4 of it downs a total of 12 darts in a row to try to move the ball as far across the field as possible. Whoever is left in the game at the end wins. The rest of the 20 counts as one 20 20 points.

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Spoons , also known as Pig or Tongue , [1] is a fast-paced game of matching and occasional bluffing. It is played with an ordinary pack of playing cards and several ordinary kitchen spoons or other objects. Spoons is played in multiple rounds, and each player's objective is to grab a spoon. No spoon may be grabbed until one player has collected a four of a kind , but once the first player to get a four of a kind has grabbed a spoon, all players may immediately reach out to attempt to grab a spoon.

No player may grab more than one spoon at a time. As in the game musical chairs , there is always one fewer spoon than there are players, so one player will always be left without a spoon. Depending on the variety of game being played, that player either loses the game and is eliminated, or continues playing but loses a point. When two players are left and one person gets four of a kind, it doesn't matter who gets the spoon.

At that point, whoever gets it the fastest wins. The winners people who grabbed a spoon usually play until there is one winner. The game Spoons can be played with two or more players, using one or more decks of 52 ordinary playing cards and a number of spoons totalling one fewer than the number of players.

Even though the game is famous for the usage of spoons, virtually anything can be used. The spoons are placed in the center of the table in a circle with handles pointing outward so that they may be easily grabbed by any of the players. One person is designated first dealer and deals four cards to each player. The dealer will use the remaining cards to draw from. Once everyone has picked up their cards, the game can begin.

Thanksgiving 52 Easter 26 We Asked Men: Sports Events 48 We Asked Women: Fly 86 Name Something That Crawls. Eat We Asked Married People: Shoot Someone We Asked Women: On Phone 56 Reindeer?

Swim Name an actor who you think might be able to knock out Mike Tyson. Arnold Schwarzenegger Name an occasion when you see a lot of people wearing red. Christmas Name something that happens in October.

Rabbit Name the day of the week movie theaters are most crowded. Saturday Name a sport where it would look silly to wear a helmet. Magazines Chairs What would you name a boy born on Thanksgiving? Alcohol Name something a man would miss most if he was stranded alone on a deserted island. Women Name something you might need to buy if you worked from home.

Computer Name a card game that takes a long time to play. Postcards 29 Magazines 19 Name the one person who is always tough to choose a gift for Parents 45 Spouse 15 Boyfriend We asked men: Avoid Her Tell Her Early in a relationship, what might someone do to play hard to get? Baby Bottle Drinking Contest An absolutely hilarious game! See who can drink out of a baby bottle the fastest. Before the shower, buy enough 4 oz. Then, on the day of the shower, fill each bottle with milk, water, juice, or soda - whatever the guests would like.

During the shower, Give each guest a bottle and the race is on! Say get ready, get set, GO! Whoever empties their bottle the fastest is the winner! If you are planning to have the men at the baby shower also, then have just the men drink from the bottles. They really get into it and nothing can beat seeing grown men drink frantically from baby bottles. Have the wives take plenty of pictures! Baby Food Taste Test This is another classic baby shower game, and not without reason!

Buy 8 or more jars of baby food of all different flavors. For fun, buy 2 or 3 very unique flavors. Cover the label of each jar with paper or aluminum foil so that the name of the flavor is covered. With a marker, write a number on each jar from 1 to 8. Have everyone number their paper plate from 1 to 8 or more , evenly spacing the numbers on the outer rim of the plate. Pass around the jars of baby food and instruct each guest to scoop a little spoonful of baby food out on their plate, each flavor to a different number.

Then everyone tastes each flavor and writes down on their notecard what flavor they think it is. When everyone is finished, remove the covers off of the jars to reveal the flavor of each jar. Whoever correctly guesses the most flavors is the baby food queen or king. Be sure to take pictures of the funny faces! This is a timeless baby shower game and is an excellent ice-breaker.

I recommend playing this game first because it is a very fun and unique way to get to know one another even if you are close friends or family. When you send out the invitation, ask each guest to bring a baby picture of themselves. Make a list of the names of each guest who is coming and print out a copy of the list for each person. As each guest arrives, place the pictures on a poster board with masking or scotch tape.

Do this in a different room so that the guests don't see where you place the other guests' pictures. Number each picture on the poster board with a marker. Give each guest a copy of the list and a pen. Instruct everyone to match each person on the list with the numbered baby picture on the posterboard. The winner of this game is the one who gets the most right. Baby Top 40 Preparation for this free baby shower game: A very fun and easy game to do.

This baby shower game can be played individually, in two big teams, or several teams of 3 or 4 people. I recommend splitting the guests into 2 large teams most guests enjoy this more. Give each team a pen and paper. Give them 4 - 5 minutes and the team with the most wins.

Have each team read their list aloud. For the prize you could have the winning team choose one of the songs that the losing team must sing. Dirty Diapers This is a great game for any group! Get 8 small diapers and before the shower fill each one with a different type of food.

On the diaper somewhere, write a number with a marker, from 1 - 8. Pass out a paper and pen to each guest. Have them number their papers from 1 - 8.

Then have the guests pass around the different diapers, smelling each one and trying to guess what is on the diaper. Have them write down their guesses on their paper. The winner is the one who gets the most diapers right!

For the "messes", melt different types of candy bars onto the diapers with a hair dryer. What's My Name Anyway? This is another classic baby shower game and never ceases to break the ice, get familiar with everyone, and laugh all at the same time. Brainstorm different celebrity names, one for each guest coming. You can choose both male and female celebrities. Write each name on an adhesive name tag. As each guest arrives, place a name tag on his or her back without letting them see who's name is on the nametag.

Guests have to find out who they are by asking yes or no questions about their celebrity. Am I a woman? Am I an actress? Have I been in a movie over the last 5 years? Drinks and appetizers can be served while guests mingle and find out who they are.

Baby Feeding Frenzy This is one of my favorite baby shower games. It is incredibly fun and incredibly messy! So it is best to do it over a laminate floor or outside. You will need to have bowls of Jell-O, pudding, or ice-cream. Have one bowl for each guest. Either make the Jell-O or pudding, or buy individual Jell-O or pudding packets at the grocery store. Divide the guests into teams of 2 and have them sit facing each other on 2 chairs.

Place a towel or large plastic garbage bag over each one for a bib. They're gonna need it! Give each guest a spoon and a bowl of Jell-O, or pudding. Then blindfold each of the two guests and say GO! They must feed each other as fast as they can. Give them 60 seconds to feed each other and at the end of the time, see how much of their pudding has been eaten. Then have another team go. Whichever team eats the most is the winner! Everyone will be laughing so hard! Baby Van Gogh Preparation for this free baby shower game: Buy enough paper plates so that each guest will have one.

Give each guest a paper plate and a pencil or pen. Then tell everyone to place the paper plate behind their backs or on top of their head with one hand. With pen or pencil in the other hand, instruct the guests to draw a picture of a baby on the plate. Give them 2 minutes to draw their "masterpiece". Collect the plates at the end and have the mother-to-be select the best picture.

Mother Van Gogh This is the same activity as "Baby Van Gogh" but for this game, draw a picture of a pregnant Mommy-To-Be and have the real mommy-to-be judge which one looks most like her! Baby ABC's Preparation for this free baby shower game: Print out this list of A through Z letters, print one copy for each guest.

You can either do this individually or in teams of 2 or 3 people. Give each person or team a piece of paper and a pen. Have them fill in each space with a baby related item or term or pregnancy related term that starts with that letter. Give everyone 6 - 8 minutes to fill in the list. Whoever fills in the list most completely wins! Q, X, and Z can be tricky.

Tell the guests to be creative. Click here for a possible list of items. Baby Animal Name Game Preparation for this free baby shower game: Create a list of 15 - 20 adult animals and their corresponding baby names.

Click here for an animal baby shower game example list that you could use. Print a list off for each guest. Also, print off an answer Key for yourself so you can read the correct answers at the end. Here is the answer key for the example list. Give each guest a list of animals and give them 4 - 5 minutes to fill in the blanks with the appropriate baby animal names.

Read the correct answers from the Key and whoever gets the most correct is the Designated Veterinarian and the winner! Old Wives' Trivia Game Preparation for this free baby shower game: All you have to do is print out these free Old Wives Trivia Cards!

Just give each guest a trivia card and a pen. Then give everyone five or ten minutes to answer all of the trivia questions. At the end, either you or the expectant mother can read the correct answers.

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